Mum "snared crooks via Facebook"

A HEROIC mother stopped a group of youths breaking into her neighbours' home by scaring them off and later identifying them by searching Facebook, a court heard.

The 24-year-old mum was entrusted to feed her neighbours' pets and watch over their house at One Mile while they went a holiday in April last year.

The woman told Ipswich Magistrates Court she was going to pick up her children from school when she noticed two young men standing on top of her neighbours' wheelie bin prying open a screen window of their home.

She interrupted the attempted burglary, and the duo ran off in different directions before fleeing in either a white or red car, the court heard.

After her own detective work, she found a photo the pair had posted on Facebook, which showed them and a group of others standing proudly in front of a police car which had come to their house to break up a party.

Grant Michael Muller, 17, and Roudi John Blundsdon, 17, have both pleaded not guilty to attempted burglary by break-in.

The trial is being heard before magistrate Michael Quinn. Muller and Blunsdon were supported by family members in court during the hearing.

The court heard there had been ongoing feuds between multiple neighbours in the street including "the parties, abuse, fights and illegal fires".

The prosecution is relying heavily on a fly screen with three bolts removed, depicting the point of entry where the pair allegedly tried to get in. However because it has rained between the initial incident and when police arrived to investigate, evidence including fingerprints and DNA had been washed away. The wife of the home owner said the pair had told her: "Ha ha ha, you won't prove it was us - we're getting away with it".

Defence lawyer Clark Bushnell questioned the neighbour's credibility at identifying the youths. Mr Bushnell noted the groups had been good friends before the incident and asked why his clients would want to break into their neighbours' home. The trial was adjourned until July 26.

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