WATERCOOLER: Cats a cat-astrophe for wildlife

IT IS estimated that feral cats kill 75 million native animals a day in Australia. That means 868 deaths every second.

Just one feral cat added to the population means at least 3,650 native animals, birds and reptiles will lose their lives.

RSPCA Qld is launching a campaign to persuade Queenslanders to be responsible cat owners which coincides with a special Living with Wildlife appeal.

"Obviously in no way are we anti cat," RSPCA Qld spokesman Michael Beatty said.

"We simply want people to protect the wellbeing of their feline friend and our wildlife. So de-sex your cat and either keep it inside or in a cat run when it's outdoors."

The campaign also features a special radio CSA and a pamphlet that explains how humans can help minimise the impact on wildlife.

Should there be mandatory de-sexing for all cats?

This poll ended on 21 January 2016.

Current Results

Yes - only registered breeders should be able to have non de-sexed cats


Yes definitely, but how would it be policed?


No - choice to de-sex should be up to the owner of the cat


This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

What do you think about this? What more can we do to prevent cats killing our native wildlife? Do you think people will keep their cats indoors or in a cat run? Should their be mandatory de-sexing for all cats?

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What you're saying on Facebook:

Kelly Crosbie Bourke: "I have had two cats both male, and they where both desexed and both keep indoors for this reason. To all cat owners it isn't that hard to do be responsible for your cats..."

John Solomon: "I've come across a number of feral cats on bush walks.These mothers know no fear,they are huge and attack and kill just about everything.Domestic cats come into season on a very regular basis and arnt fussed who mates with them.Should be a system whereby new cat owners are obliged to desex or register as a breeder.wildlife would be much better off if feral cats were eliminated ( not possible though) or at least reduced in number."

Georgia Price: "Cat owners don't take responsibility."

Laurel Frawley: "I live in the bush at Bellthorpe and no way will I let my cat out, especially at night....I love my wildlife!"

Michelle Ridoutt: "My cat is desexed and 100% indoors. She has run of the house and is very happy and contented. The only things she kills are cockroaches which is fine with me, and i know she is safe and not squashed on the road somewhere."

Lesley J Thompson: "My cats are inside and one big run only daytime and in of a night."

Vanessa Buitenhuis: "Both my neighbours are away and they have left there cats to fend for themselves."

Alison Fareham: "I love cats, but only inside or totally fenced. Unless they are overfed to the point where they literally cannot move they will chase & kill things. It is their nature."

Amie O'Brien: "I have a cat, he is desexed and I let him outside. He has a bell on and he will go downstairs to poop and than lays on my balcony. He has been there for the past 4 hrs sleeping. He loves being outside, he has only ever caught a mouse once which I got off him and put it out the front for it to live another day."

Kim Powell: "A bell on the neck collar would warn certain species of their presence."

Help urban wildlife- it's as easy as ABC

Family pets can be a danger to wildlife. You can help by:
Confining your cat indoors and only allow it outside in a cat run so it can't roam and hunt. Keeping your dog on your property and restrained indoors or contained safely in an outdoor enclosure at night.

Make your backyard wildlife friendly by:
Planting native trees and shrubs. Not using pesticides. Wildlife can be killed by ingesting these poisons. Having wildlife friendly fencing and netting.

Drive safely and look out for wildlife at dusk and dawn. Take action if you see an animal hit by a car.

The RSPCA is also running special Living with Wildlife information seminars. Visit the website and Facebook page for further information.


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