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Candy man Lionel Richie

LIONEL Richie doesn't go anywhere without a packet of M&M's.

The 'Hello' singer is obsessed with the crispy-shelled sweets and doesn't like to go anywhere without a bag of the candy.

He said: "My guilty pleasure is M&M's. I always try to have a pack on me."

Lionel also revealed he lived on crisps during his recent visit to London.

The 61-year-old musician - who appears in a new TV advert for Walkers crisps - said: "I was living off Walkers crisps for three days when I visited London recently. I hadn't tried them before and I was like, 'Wow, what are these?' "

Lionel is not the only celebrity who carries around his own snacks. Naomi Campbell recently stunned onlookers at a restaurant on the Italian island of Capri when she refused to eat her dinner until her bodyguard brought over her own Jamaican hot sauce.

Lady Gaga's obsession with tea has led to her taking her own cup and saucer everywhere and refusing to drink from anything else.

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