Christina Pfeiffer

Canada is a winter wonderland

If you're not a skier you've probably not considered going on holiday to Canada in winter. 

If you're not an accomplished skier, you may not have considered visiting Canada's ski fields during skiing season.     Canada's ski fields are certainly a magnet for the world's top skiers and snowboarders. But even if you're a novice skier, there are plenty of good reasons to go when there's snow.    

The good thing about skiing in Canada is it's surprisingly affordable, especially in spring. The snow is amazing, there are plenty of bargains and there's lots to do on the slopes.  

Learning to ski is fun and there are other activities such as dog sledding, snow shoeing and snowmobiling.   

It's a charming time to visit and if you haven't experienced rugging up by a crackling fireplace while the snow is falling outside, it's an experience worth doing at least once in your life.   

Here's our list of top ski resorts in Canada for beginners.  


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