Campbell Brown to tone down style

REMORSEFUL Gold Coast defender Campbell Brown will tone down his aggressive style in the wake of Melbourne midfielder Jack Trengove's suspension.

Brown said he was aware the AFL tribunal was taking a harder stance after being sidelined for four matches for two separate incidents in the loss to the Western Bulldogs last month.

And Trengove's three-match penalty on Tuesday night for a slinging tackle on Adelaide's Patrick Dangerfield gave Brown further pause for thought.

“When you're out there playing, you don't think too much about (being aggressive), but there's been a fair bit spoken about it and I've seen the replay (of my own incident) and it's one of those things the game is changing,” Brown said.

“As players, almost week-to-week, we need to adapt to that, whether it be rule changes or the way the tribunal interprets things.

“I am going to have to work at that.

“I will still try and keep that aggressive streak and, as you saw with the Trengove suspension, with tackling and things like that, you have to be a lot more cautious these days, especially around the ball and when players have their head over it.”

Ironically, Brown's suspension ended up being more costly for him than for the Suns.

He missed playing in their historic first win over Port Adelaide and the shock eight-point victory against Brisbane.

While the obvious aim against Adelaide on Saturday at AAMI Stadium is to win, Brown said the Suns would be just as well served with an honourable loss.

“We need to continue our improvement and not do what we did against Essendon where we came out and won against Port and then let ourselves down badly in the Essendon game (which they lost by 139 points),” Brown said.

“We know that this week we have to be consistent and bring the energy that puts us in a winning position in the first place.

“The pressure is going to be on us to back up that win last week.”

Whereas the Suns are coming off an exhilarating win over the Lions, the Crows are seeking to save face after being savaged for their 96-point capitulation to Melbourne.

“They are a well structured and disciplined side,” Brown said.

“We watched really closely their game on the weekend and Melbourne did some really good things and highlighted a few areas we can expose as well.”

Meanwhile, Melbourne will appeal the AFL Tribunal's decision to suspend Trengove for what they believe was a faultless tackle.

The 19-year-old pinned Dangerfield's arm and threw him to the ground, but argued it was an unfortunate accident that the Crow's head hit the ground.

The AFL's appeals board will re-examine the case this afternoon.

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