Calls for road repairs more urgent

As work begins on roads and infrastructure throughout the valley, Mt Sylvia residents have concerns it may not be enough.

Mt Sylvia Fresh Vegetables owner, Brian Crust said Road Tek had been in contact, asking about the needs of the business and for advice of the rebuilding of Mt Sylvia Road.

There has been a rough 4WD track built but nothing done since.

“There are lots of farmers who need to be able to get trucks in for fuel, seedlings, fertiliser and other service vehicles and to get cattle and labourers in and out and four wheel drives unfortunately just aren't going to cut it,” Mr Crust said.

“It's fine for getting your groceries in and out, but we are trying to run businesses.

“I think it's about time they started asking the locals.

“I think telecommunication is the biggest issue here.

“I think a lot of people would come back if they knew they would be able to pick up their mobile and talk to their loved ones,” he said.

Mt Sylvia, Woodbine, Junction View, West Haldon, Black Duck, Left Hand Branch and Ingolsby residents now have a temporary land line with cable strung up in trees and over the ground and are pushing for mobile coverage.

Mr Crust said many residents are yet to return to their properties after being evacuated via helicopter on January 11.

“We are looking at a temporary moble tower, but ideally a permanent mobile one would be even better,” he said.

Mr Crust said they are planting crops at the moment, but work on the road is still an urgent concern.

“We won't be harvesting for five weeks or so, but by then we are going to need to get Nolan's trucks through. We don't expect a highway or even a bitumen road, we just want to be able to get the trucks through and the produce out.”

Lockyer Valley Recovery and Restoration Program Director, Craig Panagiris, said the roads at Mt Sylvia will have a massive recovery process.

“Obviously we are concentrating on Mt Sylvia, because half of that road isn't there anymore,” he said.

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