Ice addict given prison time following Rocky break-ins

A GOOD barbecue and some quality cuts of meat are usually the ingredients for a perfect weekend in the backyard with friends.

But when ice addict Michael Bernard Rynne broke into Barbeques Galore and Wayne's World of Meats, he had other plans for the food and cash he stole.

Rynne scaled a fence and forced his way through two roller doors before breaking into the safe at Barbeques Galore and stealing over $2000.

Not content with the cash, Rynne also took meat from a fridge and left a tap running, which flooded the store.

A few weeks later, Rynne broke into a second business, Wayne's World of Meats, and took over $800 worth of stock and cash.

Adding to the string of offences, Rynne stole money from charity tins sitting in the butcher.

But DNA evidence at the scene of one of the break-ins led police to his door.

Rynne, 41, faced Rockhampton Magistrates Court yesterday, where he pleaded guilty to entering the businesses, stealing money from two charities and several other drug-related charges.

The court heard he planned to use the thousands he stole from the businesses to pay off debts, racked up during a long drug addiction.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Darrell Dalton said Rynne broke into Barbeques Galore between 5pm on August 20 and 7am on August 21.

The court heard there was "significant damage" to the store during the break-in.

Sgt Dalton said the prosecution was seeking restitution of $6750, which included the $2126.90 taken from the safe.

He said police found Rynne's DNA on a wooden plank used to lever up one of the roller doors at the shop.

Rynne also stole $400 cash from Wayne's World of Meats, where Sgt Dalton said police were called on September 7.

Sgt Dalton said Rynne had disabled the store's CCTV after breaking in, where he also took $400 worth of meat.

He said Rynne also used a knife to cut open two charity tins belonging to Guide Dogs Queensland and the Mater Misericordiae Hospital, stealing an unknown amount of money.

Sgt Dalton said police searched Rynne's Berserker address on September 11, where they found meat from both break-ins.

During the search, Sgt Dalton said police also found a small amount of cannabis, a homemade pipe used in connection with the cannabis and a hypodermic syringe.

He said Rynne told police he had used the syringe to take the drug ice that morning.

Defence solicitor Peter Sorensen said Rynne had been addicted to drugs "for some time" and needed to pay off drug debts with money taken from the businesses.

Magistrate Michael O'Driscoll said Rynne's history of similar previous offences counted against him.

Rynne was sentenced to a total of 18 months in prison and will spend at least six months behind bars before he is eligible for parole on March 16.

He was ordered to pay a total of $7550 restitution.

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