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Brisbane beautiful one day... in total lock down the next

THE Queensland capital will wake up today to a city transformed in the biggest peacetime security measures the nation has ever witnessed.

Brisbane is in complete lockdown ahead of the pending arrival today and tomorrow of more than 20 presidents, prime ministers and world leaders ahead of this weekend's G20 Summit.

More than 6000 police, along with international security agencies, are working on a 24/7 roster to ensure their safety.

Queensland Assistant Minister to the Premier Deb Frecklington said on Thursday there was still a positive mood across the city despite the unprecedented security measures.

She said the world would now shift its focus on to the city for the next three days.

"We are on the world stage this weekend," she said.

"All of the world leaders will be making some of their decisions and running their country right here from South Bank."

Queensland Deputy Police Commissioner Ross Barnett said his officers and the city was ready to host the once-in-a-generation event.

He said the massive police presence in the capital had not diminished policing in other areas of the state.

"We have not forgotten the rest of Queensland," he said.

"We have only drawn down about 35% of police from any region or district from across the state.

"We are very conscious we have responsibilities to the entire state, not just to the G20."

Mr Barnett said there had not been any requests so far for international security agencies to carry weapons on Queensland soil.

He said any request to do would be processed swiftly.

"No formal application has been made, but that may change in the next 12, 24, 36 hours," he said.

"The fact that it has not happened yet does not mean it will not happen.

"The commissioner has the final say of who carries weapons in this state."


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