Bride’s stunning wedding dress shred
Bride’s stunning wedding dress shred

Bride’s stunning 23kg wedding shred

AN Australian fashion designer, who shared her incredible wedding transformation with her followers, has revealed the stunning results of her "challenge" after tying the knot in a Greek ceremony.

Thessy Kouzoukas had been on a mission to lose 23kg for her big day after gaining weight during her pregnancy with daughter Zani, now 11 months old.

The 29-year-old documented her journey on Instagram, showing off her impressive results from five months of "hard work, sweat and tears".

And after marrying her partner of 16 years in a figure-hugging Leah Da Gloria gown last week, it's fair to say she totally achieved her goal.


In the lead-up to her wedding, Thessy - a co founder of Sabo Skirt - documented her transformation on Instagram, focusing on different areas of the body she'd been working on.

Over several posts, she opened up about how her health issues had affected her body, including battling stage four endometriosis and enduring the obstacles of IVF treatment.

After having her daughter, she revealed she'd gained 23kg and tipped the scales at 75kg.

At one moment, she honestly admitted there were times she wanted to give up - but forced herself to keep pushing.

"All my hard work, sweat and tears. this is result of 5 months of the @fitazfk app, and almost 2 months of the @fitazfk 8 week challenge," Thessy said in a brave before-and-after post last month.

"Losing a lot of weight is never something I've had to do in my life, she wrote back in March. "I reached 75kg at the end of my pregnancy and I thought I'd never be in the 50s again … the weight I put on in pregnancy STUCK to me."

At this point she said she still had another 6.5kg to go to get to her goal weight, describing it as "shredding for the wedding".

As well as an amazing booty transformation, the mum has been sharing before-and-after shots of her tummy and waist over the past few months.

Two days before she walked down the aisle she shared two dramatic side-by-side selfies, declaring: "I did it."

"I am so happy that I've reached my goal of 53kgs. The photo on the left was 66kgs and on the right is 53kgs - I lost a total of 13kgs using the fitazfk method and a total of 23kgs since having Zani," she wrote.

She described in detail the "sacrifice" and "discipline" she has needed to achieve her goal but explained it had been worth every hard moment.

Back in February she shared similar side-by-side snaps that were taken four months after giving birth, telling her fans despite her body not being "back to normal" she wasn't ashamed of her post-partum image.

At this stage Thessy was looking ahead to her "dream wedding" - revealing she didn't want to go on a crash diet to look and feel her best on the day.

"I've still got a LONG way to go but I am so excited to be on my way. I am not one of these women who 'bounce back' and look like I didn't grow a human," she said.

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Can I start by saying I am fking PROUD of the woman on the left! This photo was taken only 6-7 weeks ago.. 4 months post partum some women have their bodies almost back to normal. No, not me! I see the photo on the left and know I grew a human using A LOT of artificial hormones, so I am not ashamed or upset to post this photo. I know my body performed a miracle and I love myself for it. In saying this, I have a wedding I have dreamt my whole life about and I don’t want to get to 2 months out and go on a crash diet. So I decided to do this the proper way. My main priority is being a mother but I found the time and dedication to exercise for 45 mins daily. And what better timing.. I was selected to test the @fitazfk app, this isn’t an ad, I take my phone with me and use the gym section of the app, and do 1 cardio session and 1 resistance session every single day. Days that I can’t make it to the gym (if I’m behind on work or Zani is sleeping) I’ll switch to “home work out” in the app. I’m 7 weeks in... look at my progress 🙈.. I’ve still got a LONG way to go but I am so excited to be on my way. I am not one of these women who “bounce back” and look like I didn’t grow a human. I gained 23kgs and every kg I have to work my ass off to lose.. I’m going to continue to use the app and I’ve set a goal to weigh a lean 53kg for my wedding day. I’m at 61.5kg currently .. so 8.5kgs to go and I’m fking loving this process of getting fitter than I ever have been!! The link for the app is in my bio if anyone wants to join on my bandwagon 👊🏽

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Now on honeymoon with her new husband and their baby girl, Thessy has been sharing heaps of bikini-clad pics, flaunting the labours of her hard work to her 147,000 followers.

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All the hunnies ❤️ love them so much

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Fans have been frothing over her amazing transformation, praising Thessy's huge achievement.

"You look so good!" one wrote.

"You are the fittest you have ever been and not just physically but mentally," another said.

"Congratulations, you look incredible," some else declared.

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