Police officer shot dead, community in lockdown

UPDATE: A police officer has died after being shot, 7 News has reported.

The Chronicle contacted Police Media, which could not confirm the officer's death.

MORE ON THIS STORY: Police officer shot dead, gunman on run

UPDATE: An armed man is on the run from police after an officer was allegedly shot this afternoon.

Police have warned Lockyer Valley residents are being advised to remain inside.

An exclusion zone is in place in the Lockyer Valley after an attempted vehicle intercept this afternoon.

Initial information suggests the officer identified a "known offender" and attempted to intercept the vehicle in Seventeen Mile near Adare.

The officer is believed to have been critically injured in the incident.

The offender is believed to be armed and on the run in the area, with reports a police vehicle was stolen in the incident.

It is believed the gunman has also fired shots at a police helicopter sent to the scene.

Initial information suggests shots were fired at police in Seventeen Mile, and a police vehicle has been involved in a traffic incident.

"Police are currently at the scene of an incident in the Lockyer Valley this afternoon where an officer has been injured," a spokesman said.

"Members of the public and the media are being advised to avoid the area surrounding Wallers Road, Forestry Road, Ringwood Road and Fords Road as the incident is still unfolding."

Police have told the public to avoid the area, and residents of the closed streets to stay inside.
Police have told the public to avoid the area, and residents of the closed streets to stay inside.

Special Emergency Response Team officers from Brisbane are en route to the area in the Lockyer Valley where an exclusion zone has been established.

Residents told radio station River949 multiple shots were heard in the area and police were door-knocking in the vicinity of the lockdown, urging people to stay indoors.

Residents are advised to keep doors closed and report anything suspicious to Policelink or, if an emergency, contact 000.

EARLIER: A police officer is believed to have been shot in an incident in the Lockyer Valley.

It is understood the officer was shot after pulling over a vehicle.

The Special Emergency Response Team is believed to be en route.

Initial information suggests one police officer has been injured and another police vehicle damaged after officers responded to reports of a wanted offender in the area.

The scene, reported to be near the corner of Wallers and Forestry Rd, will be put in lockdown.

That exclusion zone will then be extended to Fords Rd.

Multiple Queensland Fire and Emergency Services vehicles and paramedics are at the scene.

Police are expected to declare an exclusion zone around the area shortly.

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