A storm brews over the Lockyer Valley. Photo Ali Kuchel / Gatton Star
A storm brews over the Lockyer Valley. Photo Ali Kuchel / Gatton Star Ali Kuchel

BoM: Next storm system on its way to Gatton region

RAINY, sunny, stormy, sunny... the erratic weather continues.

On the back of a storm cell which swept through parts of the region on Monday, the Bureau of Meteorology has predicted more gusty thunderstorms later this week.

BoM forecaster Lauren Pattie said the next storm system would more than likely hit the Gatton region on Thursday.

"Another system will start moving into the south-west of the state on Wednesday,” she said.

"But will hit more on the Thursday for the Gatton area - sweeping through with another chance of gusty thunderstorms - particularly in the afternoon and evening hours.

"Into Friday, that system starts to sweep towards the north west and clear.”

A further storm system is also predicted for the weekend after a fine and sunny Friday, though Ms Pattie predicted it would be "weaker” than earlier in the week.

Ms Pattie explained the increased and infrequent showers and storms of late were due to it being well and truly storm season.

"We are moving into the spring period where we do get lots of showers and storms about the south- east,” she said.

"Those upper systems are moving through so it clears for a few days and then they come back.

"We are moving into an active period for Queensland weather.”

With some exceptional rainfall totals already hitting gauges for the month of October, Ms Pattie said as of Monday records showed Gatton had exceeded its October rainfall average of 63.8mm.

"As of 9am on Monday, we have already had 143mm at Gatton for the month of October,” Ms Pattie said.

"The highest recorded October rainfall for Gatton is a lot more, at 269mm.”

Ms Pattie said temperatures would rise towards the end of the week, reaching a top of 33 to 34 degrees Thursday to Friday.

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