Bob Katter.
Bob Katter.

Katter lays down law

IMPORTED apples will carry a warning notice similar to those used on cigarette packets if Bob Katter's Australian Party wins enough votes.

Mr Katter was on the Sunshine Coast yesterday to meet the public and to discuss the key policies of his new party, officially launched last month.

He said each apple that arrived in the country would need to carry the sticker - "warning: this product has not been grown and produced under Australian health and hygiene standard and may therefore be hazardous to your health".

He said the policy would apply to other imported foods, including prawns.

"We obviously won't label every prawn," he said.

"But every single box will contain the warning labels."

Homeowners will also be given the right to "protect their own backyard" if Mr Katter wins votes and this will extend to removing flying foxes and "dangerous snakes".

He said his party policy involved "the right to cull and destroy anything dangerous and in the proximity of the house".

The Crown also had "no right to interfere in your backyard". When asked if this policy would extend to swimming pool laws, Mr Katter said they were a "classical example".

"The current proposals - people have gone rampant," he said.

"You can't provide absolute protection (from drowning)".

Mr Katter would also remove the government-prescribed Declaration Areas from "Double Island Point up, full stop".

"There will be no Halifax Bay, Coral Sea or Gulf of Carpentaria (declaration areas)," he said.

"The waters belong to the people, not the Crown."

The Coles and Woolworths monopoly would also be severely dealt with.

"We will bring Coles-Woolies to 22.5% of market share, at the moment they have more than 80% of market share," Mr Katter said.

Privatisation of the country's assets would also come to a dramatic halt and the interest rate would be brought down to be in line with other countries.

"We are way out of kilter (compared to Europe and America)," Mr Katter said. "It should be in the range of 1-2%."

Concerning the "black fella issue", Mr Katter would ensure

indigenous Australians built the homes for the fly-in, fly-out business industries.

So far former Noosa councillor Bob Jarvis is the only confirmed candidate standing for the party on the Sunshine Coast, but Mr Katter said many more had shown interest.

"I have six people on a list."

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