YESTERDAY morning wasn't so magical for the owner of the Sailfish twin-hull boat 'Magic' when his boat capsized in Ballina's Fishery Creek after he forgot to put bungs in the vessel's hull.

But it could have been a lot worse as the boat's owner noticed he hadn't inserted the devices, designed to stop water entering, when he reached the notorious Ballina bar.

Universal Cranes owner Neil Bauer said he got a call about 6.30am to salvage the craft after the owner made a mercy dash back to the boat ramp.

"As soon as he made it back to the boat ramp and tried to put the boat on its trailer the water came in over the back and sunk it," he said.

An image of the Sailfish twin hull
An image of the Sailfish twin hull "Magic" capsized in Fishery Creek shared to The Northern Star's Facebook page. Steven Hicks

Mr Bauer said it took more than four hours to salvage.

"We ended up bringing it from the far side of the creek back to the boat ramp and we re-slung it there before lifting it on to his trailer."

The boat's twin Suzuki outboard motors were submerged and Mr Bauer said he estimated about $40,000 damage had been done to the motors and navigational equipment. He said the owner's car also went for a dip in the drink, when it got dragged into the creek by the four-tonne water-laden boat.

"It turned on its side and the majority of it was under water, just the side of the hull was sticking out."

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