Big positives for tiny houses

Tiny houses are becoming more popular, especially with women over 50.
Tiny houses are becoming more popular, especially with women over 50. a40757

THERE'S something comforting about the concept of tiny houses. Perhaps it is the fairytale image of little cottages in the forest that appeals to the imagination. But the reality is that the demand for tiny houses is growing and in no small way.

If you caught the news recently, you might have seen the story about the tiny house someone chose to steal in Canberra and haul all the way to Hervey Bay in Queensland.

While the tale of the stolen tiny house is amusing, there are some serious factors that are propelling this trend. The most obvious includes a response to unaffordable real estate costs in much of Australia. The other driver is the trend towards houses that factor in environmental sustainability.

The tiny house solution is gaining momentum in one particular demographic - women over the age of 50. This demographic is also the fastest growing among the ranks of homeless.

When it comes to space, I've long realised that whatever size handbag I have, I'll fill it. And the same goes for houses.

Aside from the advantages that smaller houses offer for society and the environment, the other benefit is that thinking small makes you consider what is really important.

So if there's only space for one sofa - choose wisely. The same goes for every item required in a tiny house.

Choose one and choose well. That's a style philosophy worth adhering to, regardless of size.

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