Frosty grass
Frosty grass Jonno Colfs

BIG FREEZE: First frosts for Southern Downs this week

IT'S taken while to get here, more than a month past the historical start date, but the Southern Downs is in line for its first frost of the season tomorrow.

With a few days before winter kicks in properly, the region's morning are set to become very cold.

The minimum overnight tonight will drop to a near freezing three degrees and the Bureau of Meteorology is forecasting frost for the first time this year.

Wednesday will also see a freezing start with three degrees expected again overnight.

Mornings for the rest of the week won't be much kinder, hovering between four and six degrees every day.

Frosts are forecast across the Southern Downs through until Thursday.

Thankfully, our days are forecast to be sunny and temperatures will remain around the 20 degree mark, dropping to a maximum of 17 on Thursday for the first day of winter.

Stanthorpe's morning's will be a few degrees cooler than Warwick all week, dropping to two degrees tomorrow and a freezing one degree on Wednesday morning.

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