Bandidos bikie in court on perjury charge regarding murder

A BANDIDOS bikie lied to a secretive Crime and Misconduct hearing about his involvement in an unsolved shooting murder last year, a court has heard.

Jack Lee was gunned down at the suburban Warrigal Shopping Centre, at Eight Mile Plains just south of Brisbane, last April.

Exhaustive investigations, including the powers of the CMC, have not yet charged those responsible but details of the drug-related crime were revealed in a court case on Monday.

Marko Cokara, 22, fronted the Brisbane District Court charged with perjury for allegedly lying in a CMC hearing about being at the murder scene and a mobile phone used in the crime.

Crown prosecutor Philip McCarthy said murder victim Jack Lee had been at the shopping centre on April 12, 2012, to purchase $17,000 worth of cocaine.

Mr McCarthy said Cokara was identified as one of two men, also suspects in the murder investigation, in a silver BMW where the shot that killed Mr Lee came from.

A man who organised the drug transaction had given Mr Lee a specific phone number to call, which police later linked to Cokara.

The phone number was used to organise a meeting between Mr Lee and another man involved in the botched drug deal.

"During the drug transaction Lee was shot once in the head," Mr McCarthy told the court.

The CMC was involved in the murder investigation, which was linked to members of the Bandidos Outlaw Motorcycle Club.

Cokara gave evidence in a CMC hearing in June, 2012, when he denied he used the mobile phone in the drug deal or was even at the shopping centre when the murder occurred.

But the court heard police had intercepted messages Cokara sent to his girlfriend and mother from the phone.

Defence barrister Mal Harrison argued Cokara, who moved to Australia from Bosnia in 1997, was led to perjure him because of "certain acquaintances".

"One can only imagine there would be one part of him wanting to protect himself..." he said.

Judge Brad Farr, SC, said perjury struck at the heart of the criminal justice system.

He sentenced Cokara to two years and three months in jail but set a parole release date on April 11, 2013.

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