Ken Arndt picked a monster 38kg bunch of 273 bananas at his home in Grantham.
Ken Arndt picked a monster 38kg bunch of 273 bananas at his home in Grantham.

Banana man produces monster bunch in Grantham

What's yellow, has 14 hands, weighs 38kg and was last seen hanging around Grantham?

The answer? Ken Arndt's massive bunch of lady finger bananas.

Produced at his home in Grantham, Ken's bunch not only out-weighs but out-numbers all its predecessors as his biggest bunch ever picked.

His previous record saw 211 bananas picked but his most recent effort has an impressive 273 bananas on one bunch.

About 6 months in the making, Ken had to cut the monster free.

"I was watering it all the time and we have trouble with the flying foxes here so I had it covered for probably three months," he said.

"I had to put two bags on there, there was that many sticking out the bottom.

"We had to cut the bags off it, because it was that tight on there too."

Ken said adding to the achievement was the fact that the Lockyer Valley isn't known as an area which would produce bananas, with his collection also surviving the 2011 floods.

"Grantham isn't an area where you'd think bananas would grow," he said.

"But people I've talked to say they've never seen a banana tree grow so round."

So confident in his yellow bunch, Ken has put the challenge out to anyone in the Lockyer Valley to beat it.

"Around the Lockyer Valley, has anyone grown a bigger bunch than this?," he said.

"I just want to see if anyone has, I don't think anyone can beat that."

"I reckon I have the record."

The secret behind his banana beast, good soil and water of course.

"As long as you have the right soil and plenty of water it's not hard to grow them," he said.

"I don't spray them or anything, there's no chemicals.

"Plenty of water is the secret."

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