SHARON DAVSON WITH her record-setting artwork ‘On The Ark of Salvation’.
SHARON DAVSON WITH her record-setting artwork ‘On The Ark of Salvation’.

Artwork sells for $1.3m

FORMER Gatton resident Sharon Davson has set a new record price for a painting by a living Australian artist, with ‘On The Ark of Salvation’ fetching a staggering $1.3 million.

Davson is also the only female in the world in this position and is an artist who for more than two decades has been best known for her spiritual and environmental works.

“I feel honoured and delighted that a painting created to inspire hope is in this position,” Ms Davson said.Ms Davson was born in Gatton and has maintained close ties to the Lockyer Valley all her life, including remaining actively involved with the Win Davson Art Gallery in Gatton Mercury Theatre.Her painting ‘On The Ark of Salvation’ was shown in the opening exhibition for the Gatton Shire Davson Art Gallery, and included in the collection of her art offered as a gift to the Gatton Shire Council in 2002.

However, the oil on canvas painting was created between 1997 and 1999 at Davson’s art studio and gallery complex in Newcastle.

It depicts Newcastle’s Port with Nobby’s Headland in the background.

A koala is at the helm of a floral ark as it heads out to sea.

A frill-necked lizard is the only passenger.

The sky displays a jigsaw puzzle map of the world with some of the pieces missing.

“Flowers are incredibly fragile, yet possess the capacity to withstand wind and rain, feed countless others and develop the seeds for the next generation,” she said.

“And illuminating the scene is light from the God of all creation from the wing of a rainbow bee-eater.”

Long standing patron of her work is Newcastle Lord Mayor John Tate.

“Sharon Davson’s caring nature and spiritual values provide depth and insight within her artwork,” Mr Tate said.

“‘On the Ark of Salvation’ is aptly titled, encapsulating her vibrant visions that reach out to touch us all.”

Although Sharon grew up in the south-east Queensland, and then attended the Queensland College of Art in Brisbane during the 1970s, her first exhibition was held in Sydney in 1982. It sold out.

Her art and its benefits to the immediate and broader communities are held in high regard, identifying Sharon as the creative leader of new spiritualism in art and a personal globalist.

She established two charities, assists endangered species and promoting world peace, and continues to participate in benefiting other community organisations.

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