Applications lodged for 457 visas up 9.5% since last year

COOKS, meat workers and general medical practitioners were the top three worker skills imported to Queensland under the 457 visa program in the year to January, new government data reveals.

The Immigration Department figures for the 457 visa program also showed project administrators, marketing specialists and IT programmers were New South Wales' top imports for the same period.

Despite a national fall for 457 applications every month since August last year, the number of applications lodged was 9.5% higher than for the same period in 2011.

Nationally, the number of onshore 457 visa lodgements grew 28.9% in the year to January, while the number of 457 visas granted was 6.6% higher than the same period last year.

In Queensland, the number of applications from cooks grew 200.8% in the past year, with 400 cooks approved to temporarily move to Australia.

Other top imports by occupation in Queensland were skilled meat workers, up 202.8% to 330; GPs, up 5.6% to 210, and restaurant managers, up 280.8% to 200 workers in the past year.

In NSW, the top imports were project administrators, up 20.3% to 690 for the past year, followed by developer programmers, down 6.8% to 600 for the year to January.

Other top imported workers in NSW were marketing specialists, up 6.8% to 600, cooks, up 110.6% to 540, and restaurant managers, up 286.8% to 410 workers.

The top industries sponsoring 457 visas in both states were construction, health care, mining, information technology accommodation and food services, and professionals.

In both Queensland and NSW, most 457 workers came from India, the United States and Ireland, with China and Philippines also playing a big role in supplying workers.




  • Cook: up 200.8% to 400.
  • Skilled meat worker: up 202.8% to 330.
  • General medical practitioner: up 5.6% to 210.
  • Restaurant manager: up 280.8% to 200.
  • Project administrator: up 15.4% to 200.


  • Project administrator: up 20.3% to 690.
  • Developer programer: down 6.8% to 600.
  • Marketing specialist: up 6.8% to 600.
  • Cook: up 110.6% to 540.
  • Restaurant manager: 286.8% to 410.

SOURCE: Immigration Department, 457 migration statistics, year to January 31, 2013.

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