Anglicans, Muslims unite in calling for refugee rights

ANGLICAN and Muslim leaders as well as unionists and academics joined to call for more to be done to protect the rights of refugees.

Anglican Dean of Brisbane Dr Peter Catt, Queensland Council of Imams representative Dr Mohammed Abdullah, Queensland Council of Unions assistant general secretary Ros McLennan and Griffith University law dean Dr Penelope Mathews addressed a Brisbane crowd on Sunday as part of Palm Sunday protests.

The Refugee Action Collective organised protest was one of a number across Australia.

RAC spokesman Mark Gillespie CORRECT said the different religious and secular groups were joining together to call for better treatment of refugees.

"The Moss Review has found claims of sexual assault and abuse in the Nauru detention centre to be credible and convincing and is just the latest report to show what a pit of human misery Australia's off-shore detention centres are," he said.

"The abuse begins at the top with the government's flawed policy of punishing people fleeing persecution. We're calling for the off-shore centres to be immediately closed and for the government to live up to its international obligations and recognise the right to seek asylum".

"At a time when western powers are ramping up their intervention into the already unstable Middle East and there are already record numbers of displaced people around the world seeking asylum, it is inevitable that people will make their way to our shores. We have a moral obligation to help these people and not just turn boats."


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