Analysis needed to support sport needs in Somerset

REPORTS are being commissioned to investigate the trends and needs of sporting and recreational activities in the Somerset region.

The Somerset region is home to numerous clubs, organisations, and facilities, which host a variety of recreational and sporting activities.

In an effort to learn more about the needs associated with these programs, the Somerset Regional Council is allocating funds to hire consultants to carry out Sports and Recreation needs analysis reports for Kilcoy and Fernvale.



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The primary goal is to identify which of these groups and locations are most in need of assistance, and most worthy of continued investment.

Fernvale in particular has been the site of several major developments on the recreation front, with a preliminary draft master plan for the Fernvale Sports Park presented earlier this year, and the PCYC close to opening the doors of the newly-refurbished Indoor Sports Centre.

The reports will correlate with past information, as well as researching existing sports and recreation opportunities and facilities in the area.

The aim is to isolate trends, and identify possible long-term demand for different sports, activities, and locations.

Contractors carrying out the research will also be required to consult directly with ley stakeholders at sporting clubs, and the wider community.

The completed reports will suggest opportunities for shared facility use between different sport and recreation clubs and groups, and recommend which areas are most in need of support.

The Kilcoy analysis is expected to commence soon, with plans for the Fernvale report to be funded under an application to the Building our Regions Fund.

Councillors also gave their approval for council officers to carry out a less intensive pre-report for the rest of Somerset, ahead of full reports being funded.

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