Reg Traviss outside court.
Reg Traviss outside court. Bang Showbiz

Amy Winehouse's ex accused of raping sleeping friend

REG Traviss allegedly raped a female friend twice while she slept.

The filmmaker - who was engaged to Amy Winehouse when she died in July 2011 - had been with the woman at three bars in London on December 30, 2011 before they returned to his apartment in Marylebone High Street, and Southwark Crown Court was told on Monday (10.12.12) that she woke twice in the early hours of 31 December to find him raping her.

Prosecutor Kate Lumsdon said the alleged victim remembered Traviss asked if she wanted to stay at his house and she assumed she had said yes.

She added: "His asking that question was the last thing she remembers that evening until woken in his bed because of a sharp pain."

Ms. Lumsdon told the jury the victim - who suffered from a blood sugar level condition and felt weak - realised she was being raped.

She said: "She asked what he was doing and told him to stop.

"He stopped. She was very shocked. He offered her a drink.

"She accepted and remembers it was more alcohol, wine."

The woman then went back to sleep, but claims she woke again to find she was being raped.

The prosecutor said: "She remembers him saying, 'Oh, I always wanted to do this to you'.

"She did not wake again until halfway through the afternoon."

Giving evidence, the unnamed victim said she had known the director for some time and he had appeared "shattered" by Amy's death.

She decided to go back into the bed after the first alleged attack because she trusted him.

About the second alleged rape, she said: "I had this blurry understanding of what was happening and I couldn't understand if it was happening or a bad dream and I just passed out.

"I can't understand how somebody so nice and gentlemanly could do something like that."

Before leaving the property the following day, the woman couldn't find her underwear and claims Traviss, 35, told her: "I actually want to keep them."

The woman went out with friends the following night then went away to New York, making her rape allegation almost three weeks later.

Traviss - who had told police they were both very drunk and had had consensual sex - denies two counts of rape against the woman, who the court heard had been too drunk to stand.

The trial continues.

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