Allison Baden-Clay
Allison Baden-Clay Contributed

Allison's children will finally get $800,000 payments

LIFE insurance policies worth $800,000 can finally be paid to the family of Allison Baden-Clay.

The Federal Court on Monday ruled that the money be made a part of Ms Baden-Clay's estate.

Her killer husband, Gerard Baden-Clay, did not object to the application for consent orders by Ms Baden-Clay's father Geoff Dickie.

The money was frozen until Baden-Clay had exhausted all avenues of appeal against his murder conviction.

Baden-Clay is serving life in prison for the murder of his wife in 2012.

Mr Dickie is the executor of Ms Baden-Clay's estate and the money will be held in trust until her daughters grow up.

Mr Dickie and his wife Priscilla are raising the three girls.


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