Mother claims teacher fractured son's elbow

POLICE are investigating a mother's claim that an Ipswich teacher threw her nine-year-old son to the ground with such force it fractured his elbow.

Education Queensland is also probing the allegation, which a spokesman said was being taken very seriously.

The mother of the Year 4 student, whose name cannot be published, said she saw some of the incident as it took place on Monday, and was outraged by the teacher's actions.

"I was collecting my kids' report cards from the office when I heard the sound of my son screaming," she said.

"When I went to see what was happening, I couldn't believe it, my son was being dragged up the stairs by his teacher. I shouted at the teacher to put my child down immediately."

According to the mum of four, the teacher then lifted the student about two feet off the ground and dropped him on the floor.

The boy is believed to have sustained several injuries, including bruising, suspected torn ligaments in the shoulder and a fractured elbow.

The Ipswich Child Protection and Investigation Unit was called to the school and said the matter was under investigation.

It is alleged the incident began when the student was instructed by his teacher to go to the principal's office for misbehaving.

The student apparently argued he had done nothing wrong and refused to leave the class.

The teacher is alleged to have then grabbed the boy by the arms, lifted him off the floor and carried him up a set of stairs before he was dropped on the ground.

The Ipswich mum said the situation showed the teacher was unable to control his temper and should be disciplined himself.

She said the family was considering changing schools and was taking legal action against the teacher.

Education Queensland regional director Chris Rider said the department was aware of the incident.

He said the school was taking the matter very seriously and was assisting police with their investigation.

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