Mitchell Johnson has changed lanes
Mitchell Johnson has changed lanes

Mitchell Johnson’s incredible change of pace

MITCHELL Johnson made a name for himself by tearing the pitch apart with brutal speed, but now his angling his pace in a new direction.

The left-arm terror, who announced the end of his cricketing career in August 2018,  has now donned a racing suit.

Instead of opening the bowling attack, Johnson now sits behind the wheel and waits for the lights to go green before dropping his foot.

After months of training, the man who took more than 300 Test wickets, made his debut in the Formula 1000 class at Barbagallo Raceway.

The 37-year-old got his career behind the wheel off to a decent start by finishing eighth in his first official race after qualifying ninth.

Despite his commitments to the commentary booth and a potential move into the coaching ranks for the Australian team, Johnson plans on completing the entire eight-meet series.

Like riding a bike, the terrifying quick bowler is getting more comfortable with each and every sitting behind the wheel.

"Once I got going I started to relax a little bit more and you feel like a part of the car," he said to Perth Now.

"Everyone always asks how fast you go but it is not really the straight-line speed, it is actually the braking and how far you're willing to push it before you brake."

The above sentiment rings true for Daniel Ricciardo who has become renowned for pulling off overtaking manoeuvres going into corners and breaking remarkably late.

But Johnson's love for being behind the wheel will hold him in good stead and he will soon be looking to add his first victory in the series.

"I've always loved cars and bikes, but growing up I was more involved with ball sports. The opportunity came up to do a lap challenge and even though it was for charity it was still competitive, everyone was having a crack and I loved it."

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