Steroid dealer made $10,000 in two months

A SUNSHINE Coast drug dealer imported steroids from China and made about $10,000 in two months before a police taskforce arrested him.

Daniel John Sivyer, 24, pleaded guilty in Brisbane Supreme Court on Tuesday to trafficking, supplying and possessing dangerous drugs.

Between January 31, 2013 and June 5, 2013 Sivyer ran a drug operation that sold meth, cocaine, cannabis, MDMA and steroids across the Sunshine Coast. The operation had at least 31 customers of varying regularity and, according to police intercepts, he sold drugs to them on at least 89 individual occasions.


The court heard Sivyer sourced from at least eight different suppliers and bought steroids from an associate in China. At one stage he set up a trip to Darwin to buy drugs - however, police seized the shipment as it was being imported.

The court heard Sivyer used his legitimate removalist business to launder the money he made as a dealer.

Crown prosecutor Shauna Rankin said on six occasions Sivyer sold drugs to a "law enforcement participant" - including once the day after he'd had drugs seized.

Sivyer bought two cars with the drug money - although his defence maintained he did not live a "lavish lifestyle" from his drug operation.

Sivyer was arrested as part of the Sunshine Coast police drug taskforce's Operation Kilo Hyperdrive - which was targeting drug trafficking syndicates.

Police tracked more than 15,000 of Sivyer's phone calls and reported between February 5, 2013 and April 15, 2013 he made just under $10,000.

Justice Glenn Martin said evidence showed Sivyer had run the operation "like a business" including altering prices according to purity, maintaining a cash float and selling a range of drugs.

"This was truly a business," he said.

Justice Martin accepted Sivyer was in the "initial" stages of rehabilitation and had suffered from drug addiction when he began trafficking drugs.

Sivyer was sentenced to seven years and six months prison. He will be able to apply for parole on April 7 next year after Justice Martin accepted the 532 days Sivyer has spent before being sentenced as time served.

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