A man, a pork roll and one memorable entry to Ipswich store

A SMOKED pork roll stuffed down the front pants of a hungry man made for a memorable entry at an Ipswich store when it dropped from his pants leg and rolled onto the floor.

In police facts before Ipswich Magistrates Court, Jayden Lee Williams stole food from two stores that afternoon.

Williams, 29, from Coominya, pleaded guilty to two charges of stealing at Redbank on January 22.

Police facts state Williams stole food worth $6.60 from Aldi then 30 minutes later was walking from a Coles store at 2.30pm when a smoked pork roll dropped out of the bottom of his pants leg.

Officers spoke to him at the scene and Williams admitted not paying for the roll.

It was unable to then be sold by Coles and restitution of $12.90 was sought.

Williams told magistrate Louisa Pink that he had nothing to say except he was having a few issues at the time.

He said that he went six weeks without payment from Centrelink but this was now fixed up.

Williams was fined $250 and ordered to pay $6.70 to Aldi and $12.90 to Coles.

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