Shhh ... It's a koala whisperer

A LOST koala has been caught on camera following a clairvoyant to get home after the psychic told him he was “in the wrong tree” on the Sunshine Coast.

Medical intuitive and clairvoyant Doctor Michael Taylor and wife, fellow clairvoyant K, made the unexpected friend when they visited Australia Zoo last week.

The incredible images of the tenacious but apparently confused koala walking along side Mrs Taylor on the soggy day was captured by Dr Michael Taylor, who is also an “animal whisperer”.

Dr Michael said he had received tickets to the popular Sunshine Coast attraction as a birthday gift some time before.

He said he and his wife had enjoyed a nice quiet day at the zoo when they noticed “an unhappy koala” up a tree that was not of any gum variety.

Dr Michael said the conversation that followed with the koala comes from a series of images that animal whisperers have in their mind when attempting to converse with animals.

“He was trying to eat leaves of what was definitely not a gum tree, so I said to him “You are in the wrong tree,” Dr Michael said.

“I told him you have got to come down.”

So the koala did.

Dr Michael’s photographs of the incident show the koala climbing down the tree, crossing the foliage and then walking beside Mrs Taylor for about 30 metres along the bitumen path.

“He walked alongside for about two minutes happy as a clam,” Dr Michael said.

“We walked along the path and around the bend to the koala enclosure and the keeper saw us and said to the koala “where have you been? We’ve been looking all over for you.”

The 46-year-old former United States general practitioner said the keeper then scooped up the koala and put him back into the enclosure.

“She thanked us and told us he was a very old koala,” he said.

Dr Michael, whose clients include television clairvoyant Lisa Williams and international self-help Hay House author Dr Wayne Dyer, said he has only dabbled in animal whispering.

He said he has previously conversed with spiders, a goanna, cats, dogs and even a horse with PMS.

Late last year the Daily published a photograph of “an angel” taken by Dr Michael at the Hyatt Regency at Coolum.

Dr Michael, who met his wife K at a Sydney 2006 spiritual conference, said he first learned of his psychic talents when he learned he could see inside his Christmas presents without opening a single gift.

He said the couple, who are regular visitors to the Sunshine Coast, will never forget their koala encounter at Australia Zoo.

“Anytime I get to work with animals it’s a very enjoyable experience,” Dr Michael said.

“They are very intelligent and in no way beneath humans and if we learned to communicate with them our world would be much richer.”

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