Refugee plight summons the most stupid, heartless comments

"I WOULD personally never take my child on a 5,124.2 km trip of the ocean in a rubber boat especially if I knew there was less chance of surviving than staying in the war ridden country! Thousands done it, thousands failed! Then to top it off ... allowing your child to be photographed dead when it was your fault as a parent!"

When I read the above comment on Facebook last weekend, I couldn't stop myself from responding. I've always held the belief you can't reason with a fool but the sheer gall of this individual to make such a comment about the drowning of Syrian three-year-old refugee Aylan Kurdi while sitting in her Scottish suburban semi-detached, watching Eastenders, with a glass of lambrusco in hand, having just guzzled a Chinese takeaway, made my blood boil.

I mean, does being privileged really make us so blind?

If said person "personally" ever finds themselves in that situation, their opinion might be worth a damn.

But, coming from someone whose only daily hardship is likely to be fitting into her skinny jeans, I thought it was the most stupid, ill-informed, heartless comment I'd ever read.

If only I'd have known.

The comment wasn't the worst I would ever read.

Indeed, it was mild compared to some of the vitriol spewed on Facebook, online comments and even arriving to our very own letters email account.

When we start talking in generalities and referring to people only in labels: men, women, Christians, Muslims, refugees, immigrants - alarm bells ring.

When you forget that people are human first and foremost, you've crossed a very grave line.

If Australia had an armed civil war, would you keep your children here?

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