QCS test lands for around 30,000 QLD students today

ABOUT 30,000 Queensland students will today begin the test that helps determine their ranking for entry to university and TAFE courses.

Students will sit a writing task and multiple-choice paper today (Tues) and a short response and multiple-choice paper tomorrow (Wed) for the annual Queensland Core Skills test.

Education Minister John-Paul Langbroek wished all Year 12 students the best.

"This test is an important education milestone for students because it contributes information for the calculation of Overall Position (OP) rank for tertiary entrance," Mr Langbroek said.

The QCS test does not test particular knowledge of specific Year 12 subjects.

It tests a set of generic skills identified in the Queensland senior curriculum.

Those sitting the test are asked to respond to a variety of stimulus materials, such as prose passages, poetry, graphs, tables, maps, mathematical and scientific data, cartoons and artistic works.

The test assumes that candidates have basic levels of general knowledge and vocabulary and a Year 10 knowledge of mathematical operations.

Year 12 students who are eligible for an OP must sit the test.

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