Young Gympie parents die in car crash tragedy

THE Gympie region awoke to devastating news on Saturday morning: a Gympie son and daughter had been killed in a car crash in the New South Wales central west.

Thirty-year-old father-of-two and young dairy farmer Jeremy Josefski, and 26-year-old mum Nicole Daly were travelling to Victoria where Jeremy and his wife Leah - Nicole's best friend - were to start an exciting new chapter in their lives in the dairy industry.

Even more devastating, Nicole was expecting her and husband Michael's second child at the time of the accident.

Nicole was helping the Josefskis with their move. As one mutual friend said yesterday, "not many people would travel to another state to help unpack but that was what Nicole was like".

The Suzuki they were travelling in collided head-on with another car on the Newell Hwy, near West Wyalong, on Friday evening.

Nicole, who was driving, and Jeremy, both died at the scene.

According to police, three dogs in the car were also killed in the crash.

The driver of the other car, a 39-year-old Queensland man, suffered extensive injuries to his legs and was flown to St George Hospital.

That man, who was driving a Nissan Navara, is understood to be in a stable condition.

Police say he will be subject to mandatory blood and urine tests.

Nicole and Jeremy were both well known throughout the Gympie region community, having grown up here and attending high school, Jeremy at Gympie High and Nicole at James Nash.

Nicole, who leaves behind husband Michael and two-year-old son Laec, worked at Bunnings and loved her touch football.

Jeremy was also a long-time member of the Gympie touch football family, and all players were asked to wear black armbands at last night's fixtures as a show of respect for the families.

Jeremy was passionate about dairying, and was in the process of relocating his family to Victoria when the tragedy struck. Until then, while he, Leah, Keeva and Cree had lived at The Palms, Jeremy worked his grandfather's Mooloo dairy farm.

Facebook has been flooded with tributes and messages of love from grief-stricken friends and loved ones.

No information was available at time of print on when the funerals will take place.

Jeremy Josefski
Jeremy Josefski

Jeremy's grief stricken mother Debbie Josefski said this:

WE are in total shock.

On Friday night while sleeping we heard the loudest knock on the door, only to be met by the police.
 I looked at them and pleaded that Jeremy was okay.

"I am so sorry" were the next words and then my whole world fell apart.

Along with Garry, my boys and their families are what I live for and now my baby (at only 30 years) has been taken away.

 He was travelling to Victoria to start a new chapter in his life on a dairy farm there.

 His wife Leah Josefski was already there with their two beautiful girls waiting for him.

 He left here in the early morning and after a hug got into his ole faithful and drove off.

We watched until we could no longer see the tail lights knowing how I was going to miss them all, but he was excited about this next chapter, so I was also happy for him.

He then picked up his three dogs, then Leah's best friend, Nicole Daly, and off they headed for the long trip south.

They were only a few hours away from their destination and another car hit them. Apparently it was their time.

 Garry Josefski, Luke Josefski Leah and I along with Nicole's family are devastated to say the least.

To my darling baby: We miss you so much and love you forever, you and Luke have given us so much pleasure we just cannot envisage life without you.

We have your beautiful wife and girls with us for as long as Leah wants and we will give them every bit of support that we can, just as I know you would want.

Your girls are amazing and are very much little Jeremys we just love them, as you did.

Your eyes would light up like stars when you walked into a room and saw them as did theirs.

My darling boy, I am sure Jade was waiting for you, rest in peace with him.


Jeremy's devastated wife Leah posted this heart wrenching message on Facebook at the weekend:

I TOLD myself I wouldn't do this but I feel as though I need to.

Heaven gained two angels on Friday night and left my world turned upside down.

I don't think I will ever be able to put into words how much they meant to me.

He was my right hand man and she was my left hand woman.

I knew without fail that these two would have my back no questions asked.

"Sounds crazy... I'll be there in 10."

And by 10 I mean they'd both be running an hour late!

I love them with all my heart and it still hasn't sunk in that I will be continuing this thing called life without them.

I lost both my best friends that day but it's a little comforting knowing they are up there together.

So for now Michael Daly and I will do our best to raise the beautiful children you gave us and we will make sure they know just how special their daddy and mummy were.

Thank you so much to everyone for your support, I am overwhelmed.

I will get back to each and everyone of you when my world stops spinning.

I love you Jeremy and Nicole!

I'm sure you two have made some new friends up there and I'll look for you guys in the wind xo

Nicole Daly
Nicole Daly

THANK you everyone.

We have been overwhelmed by all of your support.

It's been an horrendous time and we have been broken hearted by the loss of our beautiful daughter-in-law and our friend Jeremy.

We have been staying with our son and grandson to comfort each other, and we popped home to get a few things today.

To my amazement my fridge was filled with homemade meals and cakes.

Thanks for the flowers and thank you to those wonderful friends who cooked.

We are truly blessed to have you all in our lives.

ABOVE RIGHT: Family photos in happier times of Jeremy Josefski with his wife Leah and daughters Keeva and Cree, and Nicole and Michael Daly with little Laec.
ABOVE RIGHT: Family photos in happier times of Jeremy Josefski with his wife Leah and daughters Keeva and Cree, and Nicole and Michael Daly with little Laec. Bambi Gosbell And Contributed

Jeremy's close friend Kelvin Cochrane, also a dairy farmer, posted this:

2 days ago I was told I'd lost Jeremy, my best mate for the better part of the last 20 years in a car accident. In the car was also his wife's best friend Nicole who tragically also lost her life. While I have had to pass on the devastating news to those I've come accross , in my heart I have not believed it. I'm waiting to get a call from him again to say he's there safe and this is all just some big misunderstanding. I just thought if I don't deal with it, it will go away and he'll just rock up in my doorstep because he was going past and thought he'd drop in again.

Last week he dropped in to say goodbye on his way south and we spoke the day of the accident, he'd told me the girls were down safely, just had to take the other car down. This next little bit is for his cow mates in particular. He's been telling me for a couple months about an Atwood daughter at Warren's place that is pretty bloody handy and I should go see, only yesterday I took our OFC judge out to see her, she was the only one he had there for us to see and I'd only lined it up last minute after the accident (though I didn't know at the time). I'd spoken to Warren and told him Jeremy's been at me for months to go see this cow so I'm bringing the judge around, have her in the yard for us. Strongest class of the competition and sure enough he was right, she won Champion 3 year old. He knew cows. Last time he was at our place, he saw a few cows I had on hay, he would always tell me what he thought exactly, no BS. Terrified me because I hate criticism, but I always took it from him. He saw the cows, told me I was wasting my time with one, so she was out, couple other handy ones so that was nice and then he said to me, 'You'd better take that Sanchez cow south' She was his pick, he thought she was worth a trip to our old stomping ground at Tatura where we'd drive down every year, just near where he'd just moved all his cows for the next big challenge he'd take on. She is still at home, and again, the OFC judge had a look at her, low and behold he was right again. He just knew cows.

To Nicole's family and friends, I'm devastated for you, I only saw Nicole a week ago and we joked away about things, she was a wonderful young person and I'd wish I'd known her better, she was hilarious and full of life and my heart breaks for you all.

Leah, I do not have the words to say to you. I don't have to tell you that he was a great man and will be loved and missed, I don't have to tell you about the mark he left on me or on the world, I don't have to tell you that you and those beautiful daughters you have meant the world to him. I don't have to tell you what he meant to me or how you must feel because I know you're feeling the same thing. 2 people that were more in love or more perfect for each other I will never meet. We were blessed to know him. Anyone who met him truly was.

I'm not ready to say goodbye, so I'm just going to say thanks. Not exactly sure how to deal with it, so I wrote a little something to him.

Just wanted to wish you all the best in this next stage, just wanted to say thanks, we've done everything together I think so far mate. Thought I'd recap a few of our better moments, because we didn't just live our lives together, I've lived the way I have because of you. Before I met you I didn't know what life was about and you taught me everything. We used to joke with our wives that I was the perfect Golden child before I met you and you showed me the dark side of life, but all I can remember is that you showed me how to live.

So we met through your big prick of a brother when we were just kids because you wanted to buggar about with some show calves and he was working at our place so he thought he'd bring you round. Kinda funny we were born just 1 Year, 1 day apart and since that day you dropped in to clip a brownie, we've done everything together.

We did shows together
We did sales together
We bought cows together
We sold cows together
We drank too much together
We are too much together
We got fat together
We did Vegas together
We did massive road trips together
We did dairy week together
We did guernseys together
We did Swiss together
We thought we were black together
We did expo together
We did breaky beers together
We did all nighters together
We chased girls together
We found our wives together
We crashed cars together
We crashed at houses of people we didn't know together
We did New Years together
We stood beside each other on our wedding days together
We met new lifetime mates together
We found cows in the middle of nowhere together
We ran out of fuel together
We became fathers together
We ran screaming through the streets of Vic together
We ran screaming through the streets of Ekka together
We ran screaming through the streets of Madison together
We did got pulled over by the police together
We snuck underage into bars together
We did games night with the family together
We ruined Radel's 30th together
We did pranks together
We did America together
We cried together
We laughed together
We talked about God together
We judged cows together
We judged women together
We did beer pong together
We did golf together
We did house moves together
We did house parties together
We blew our money together
We invested our money together
We did Casinos together
We did long phone calls together
We did being single together
We did reverse donuts together
We did hangovers together
We did crappy little shows together
We did Royals together
We did cards together
We did arguments together
We did big wins together
We did big losses together
We did losing cows together
We did mustering together
We did birthdays together
We swore together
We made poor decisions together
We dressed schmick together
We did karaoke together
We used each other's ID to get in together
We closed down a pub together
We did barbeques together
We watched footy together
We bluffed be knowledgable together
We bluffed having no idea together
We 'relocated' the wheelbarrow creek sign together
We did our first Champion wins together
We did Malanda together
We did Bad hair styles together
We did Break ups together
We did Concerts together
We did Tattoos together
We did jokes together
We did the Gympie boys song together
We did the Beep Beep Barina together
We did the Jimny together
We did the Red Landcruiser together
We did red vodka cruisers together
We did plenty I can't write here together
We did life together mate.

You were the perfect role model for being a mate, a husband and father. I thank God that he allowed me to spend as many years as I have with you and I will remember you for the rest of my days.

Love always and forever mate,

Gympie Times

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