Drug trafficker may never seen his father alive again

MONDAY'S sentence of Miguel Angel Sanchez-Barrocal for his part in the drug syndicate means he may never see his father alive again.

Barrister Craig Chowdhury said Sanchez-Barrocal's 82-year-old father was ill.

"Mr Sanchez-Barrocal is very concerned that he will never see his father again," Mr Chowdhury said.

"His ambition is to return to Spain and be with his family but he understands that will be a long time coming."

The 41-year-old moved to Australia to get work and study English after the collapse of the Spanish economy and has no partner or children.

Mr Chowdhury said before moving to Australia, Sanchez-Barrocal had worked on his father's farm before undertaking the Spanish equivalent of an apprenticeship as an electrician. Like the other men, he has no criminal history.

"Given the backgrounds of the defendants it might be accepted that they each have a degree of contrition for what was truly an awful crime," Justice Duncan McMeekin said.

He was sentenced to 17 years and will serve at least nine.

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