Crackdown on rogue trainers exploiting vulnerable students

A $68 million pool will fund a national crackdown on rogue training organisations that exploit vulnerable students.

The Federal Government has unscrupulous education brokers in its sights.

More than 4000 current training providers have until April 1 to comply with the new Australian Quality Skills Authority standards. Start-ups must comply straight away.

Under the new standards, training providers and their brokers must be upfront with students and provide clear information about any VET loans, state entitlements and subsidy arrangements available.

AQSA will get $68 million over four years to put an end to rip-offs.

Assistant Minister for Education and Training Simon Birmingham said some providers stopped people in the street to offer incentives including cash payments to sign-up for a course they did not need.

"Often prospective students aren't given the full story and sign up to student loans worth thousands of dollars that need to be repaid later," Senator Birmingham said. - APN NEWSDESK

Fernvale Lions need help to finish community hub

Fernvale Lions need help to finish community hub

The project is hoped to be completed by the end of June.

A journey back in time

A journey back in time

Vistors enjoyed a glimpe into the region's past.

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