95 years old, and still going strong

THE 95th Annual Gatton Show has shown off the best of the region's livestock, produce, cookery and creativity with as many patrons as last year in spite of health and economic threats.

Gatton Show President Keith Edwards said he was happy with this year's attendance.

“Considering we had the threat of Hendra virus and the economy in the sad state that it was after the floods, as well as the rain on Friday and Saturday, I think the show did very well,” he said.

“Our figures show we are only slightly down on last year for attendance.

“The entertainment Friday night was a great success and really brought the people in.

“We dropped our admission prices to assist affordability for families and I'm glad to say lots of families were able to attend.”

Mr Edwards said the show was an important event for the region.

“I am so grateful to the community for supporting us and I have nothing but praise for all the volunteers who took everything, from the rain to the Hendra on the chin and made sure the show went on,” he said.

“I truly believe the show is the showcase of the valley and that we provided excellent value for money entertainment for everyone in the Valley.”

Mr Edwards said every section was a success.

“The showjumping in the ring was brilliant and the dairy and beef cattle entries were that many, we had to set up an area out in the tents,” he said.

“The work that went into the pavilion was incredible.

“I think we need to remember other shows have taken some big hits and we had to watch our budget this year, but I think we have done very well.”


2011 Queensland Country Show Jumping Championships

Balmoral Georgio and Tom Sedger

Finch Farm Young Horse of the Show

Charlemayne Ego Z and David Finch

Saddleworld Ipswich Best Presented Showjumper

Chloe Hughes

Anthony Thomas Signature Range

Under 13 Championship

Just A Touch and Jessie Smith (1st)

Montreal and Chelsea Pender (2nd)

Louis and Emma Langbecker (3rd)

EJS Designs Foxhunter

Get Wot U Want and Tom Sedger (1st)

Quantum Leap and Daniel Orman (2nd)

Yarraman Sandy and Rebecca Stacey (3rd)

Gatton Star 1.20m Two Phase

Double the Bank and Emma Kearney (1st)

Balmoral Georgio and Tom Sedger (2nd)

Amici and Jamie Raymont (3rd)

Esk Vet Services 1.35m Two Phase

Dark Ages and Clem Smith (1st)

Cheezy Z and Brett Warren (2nd)

Cumo Z 7 Brett Warren (3rd)

1.10m Two Phase (under 20pts)

Balmoral Georgio and Tom Sedger (1st)

Superflex George and Jessie Cearns (2nd)

Cinderella and John Robertson (3rd)

1.10m Junior Two Phase

It’s Who and Hugh Buchanan (1st)

It’s What and Billy Healey (2nd)

Full House and Kirstie Ansell (3rd)

Remi Stud 1.10m Local

Its Who and Hugh Buchanan (1st)

Zanimo and Gemma Creighton (2nd)

Balmoral Georgio and Tom Sedger (3rd)

Ice Pack 2000 Queensland Country Junior


Its Who and Hugh Buchanan (1st)

Oh So Happy and Elysia Rouch (2nd)

WP Cool As and Emily Patterson (3rd)

Boral Construction

1.45m Queensland Country Grand Prix

Cheezy Z and Brett Warren (1st)

Dark Ages and Clem Smith (2nd)

Davinci’s Pride and Cathy Graham (3rd)

Showjumping Queensland

1.25m Qld Country Champs (under 50 pts)

 Finch Farm Viduka and Robert Moffatt (1st)

 Congrando and Sheridan Manuel (2nd)

AEO Orox and Robert Moffatt (3rd)

Eagle Boys Pizza Queensland Country

1.15m Championships (under 20 points)

Finch Farm Chill and Robert Moffatt (1st)

Charlemayne Ego Z and David Finch (2nd)

Copabella Volcanic and Kirstie Ansell (3rd)

Copabella Sporthorses Queensland Country

Young Rider Championship

Olivia Hamood and Bucks Bunny (1st)

Mighty Play and Gemma Creighton (2nd)

GH Footloose and Gemma Creighton (3rd)



Queensland Corrective Services, Supreme Champion Hack of Show

Salutations of Rathowen, Kelly Bond

Gordon Bourke Constructions, Supreme Led Exhibit of Show

Willowcroft Miss Saigon, Fraser Family

Gatton Auto Electrical, 3 Year Old And Under All Breeds Halter Futurity

(1st) Euston Solitaire, Ross Lipp, (2nd) Totara Creek Wonder of a Kiss, (3rd) Breakaway – Croxley Stud Oakey, (4th) SW Grace Kelly – A and V Matheson.

Queensland Corrective Services, Champion Large Galloway Hack

Salutations of Rathowen, Kelly Bond

Queensland Corrective Services Champion Small Hack

KT Manhattan, Kelly Bond

Gordon Bourke Constructions Champion Small Pony Hack

Cedar Lakes, Emily Hyland

Gordon Bourke Constructions Champion Large Pony Hack

Willowcroft Miss Saigon, Fraser Family

Gatton, Lockyer and Brisbane Valley Star, Supreme Champion Show Hunter Under Saddle

Sheldene Chance, Newman Family

J and K’s Gatton Saddlery Local Novice Camp Draft

Gypsy Widow, Sam Robinson

Col and Sylvia Higgins Local Novice Camp Draft

Sheyanne, Steve Tjite

Gatton Camp Draft Association Local Junior Camp Draft

Spook, George Cubis

Gatton Camp Draft Association Local Juvenile Camp Draft

Blenheim Fobiola, Patrick Bourke

Brake and Clutch Supplies Best Type of Stock Horse in Competing in Local Novice Camp Draft

Raven’s Lil Sis, Alena O’Brien



Champion Lovebird of Show

(316-2) G&R&C Trebbin

Reserve Champion Lovebird of Show

(319-4) Mary Thompson

Champion Parrot of Show

(286-2) T and J White

Reserve Champion Parrot of Show

(293-1) T and J White

Champion Pair of Cage Birds

(329-2) T and J White

Champion Budgerigar of Show

(13-1) Peter Cherry

Reserve Champion Budgerigar of Show

(5-1) Peter Cherry

Champion Canary of Show

(177-1) Brian Bohl

Reserve Champion Canary of Show

(129-1) John Albert

Champion Finch of Show

(215-1) Shane Hauschildt

Champion Australian Finch

(215-1) Shane Hauschildt

Champion Foreign Finch

(264-1) Shane Hauschildt

Champion Quail of Show

(321-1) Josh Dingle

Champion Dove of Show

(325-1) Mary Thompson


Champion Fowl of Show

Ted Hedges (champion)

McMillan Poultry (reserve champion)

Champion Soft Feather

Ted Hedges

Champion Hard Feather

McMillan Poultry

Champion Large Soft Feather

Jessie Zwoerner

Champion Large Hard Feather

Peter Siebenhausen

Champion Bantam Soft Feather

Ted Hedges

Champion Bantam Hard Feather

McMillan Poultry

Champion Pair of Female Fowl

Sinclair Ridgway

Champion Exhibition Pair of Fowl

Keith Elsden

Dave Dallinger Memorial Trophy

Ross and Karen Young

Champion Bantam Rhode Island Red

Ross and Karen Young

Champion Large Soft Feather Heavy STD

Geraldine Myers

Champion Junior of Show

Jessie Zwoerner

Champion Large Soft Feather

Jessie Zwoerner

Champion Large Hard Feather

Matthew Sessions

Champion Bantam Soft Feather

Daryl Harrip

Champion Bantam Hard Feather

Jacob Horan

Champion Black Chook

Ted Hedges


Champion Pigeon of Show

David Sukiennik (champion)

Darryl Zischke (reserve champion)

Champion Fancy Pigeon

David Sukiennik

Champion Show Pen Homer Pigeon

Darryl Zischke

Champion Racing Pigeon

Allan and Jane Galloway

Champion Utility Pigeon

Darryl Zischke


Champion Waterfowl of Show

RA ‘Tony’ Stallwood (champion)

Matthew Sessions (reserve champion)

Champion Large Waterfowl

RA ‘Tony’ Stallwood

Champion Bantam Waterfowl

Matthew Sessions

Champion Pair of Female Waterfowl

RA ‘Tony’ Stallwood

Champion Exhibition Pair of Waterfowl

RA ‘Tony’ Stallwood


Champion Senior

R. James

Wild Life

Christine Matthias (1st)

James Haak (2nd)

N. Falkenhagen (3rd)


J. Haak (1st)

J. Haak (2nd)

R. James (3rd)


A. Snell (1st)

L. Noffke (2nd)

N. Falkenhagen (3rd)


R. Lindert (1st)

D. Zischke (2nd)

J. Lawler (3rd)


G. Van Zelst (1st)

S. Sternberg (2nd)

N. Falkenhagen (3rd)


R. James (1st)


L. Taylor (1st)

Any Subject (open class)

D. Zischke (1st)

D. Zischke (2nd)

R. James (3rd)


R. James (1st)

L. Taylor (2nd)

R. James (3rd)


R. James (1st)

R. James (2nd)

J. Lawler (3rd)

Any Subject (macro class)

L. Taylor (1st)

Any Subject (monochrome)

L. Noffke (1st)

K. Jeffs (2nd)

N. Falkenhagen (3rd)

Any Subject (special effects)

R. James (1st)

R. James (2nd)

R. James (3rd)

The Human Face (monochrome)

R. James (1st)

D. Zischke (2nd)

D. Zischke (3rd)

The Human Face (colour portrait)

K. Jeffs (1st)

R. James (2nd)

D. Zischke (3rd)

Any Subject (colour enlargement)

D. Zischke (1st)

D. Zischke (2nd)

D. Zischke (3rd)


Champion Junior

Sharna Birt


S. Scott (1st)

J. Scott (2nd)

S. Scott (3rd)


J. Scott (1st)

S. Scott (2nd)


J. Scott (1st)

Any Subject

S. Birt (1st), J. Scott (2nd), S. Scott (3rd), W. Birt (3rd)


Champion Work Of Art

“Portrait of Jamboree 2”, Margaret Klumpp

Champion Watercolour

“Charlotte St”, Natasha Hodgson

Champion Pastel

“Art Class”, Shirley Gilbert

Champion Drawing

“Horse”, Morgan Lee

Champion Art in Bark

“Tall Timbers”, Roslyn Slack

Champion Pottery

“Pumpkin Pot”, Jane Charlton

Champion Folk Art

“Country Village”, C.M Cudby

Champion Junior Art

“Horse”, Morgan Lee

High School Special Needs

“Mask”, 2320

Primary School

“Sunny Day”, Jeremy Wilkin

Judge’s Choice

“Charlotte St”, Natasha Hodgson


Champion Hay Exhibit

Pollock Brothers

Reserve Champion Green Shredded Chaff

Pollock Brothers


Champion Head Broccoli

Shirley Reimann

Champion Cauliflower

DM and DM Christensen

Champion Cabbage

DM and DM Christensen

Champion, Any Other Vegetable

Shirley Reimann

Champion Carton Of Lettuce

Reck Farms

Champion Collection of Salad Vegetables (Classes 51-52)

Steinhardt Kids

Champion Organic Produce

Schimke Kids

Champion Hydroponic Grown Produce

Ghost Gully Produce

Champion Display Stand

Jourdan Steinhardt

Champion Orange

Lesley Ford

Champion Mandarine

Lesley Ford

Champion Lemon

Lesley Ford

Champion, Any Other Citrus

Lesley Ford

Champion Dish of Cumquats

Lesley Ford

Champion, Any Other Fruit

Eric From

Champion Dish of Nuts

Del Sippel

Champion Avocado

Eric From

Champion Tray of Avocados

Trudi Groves

Champion Fruit Exhibit

Lesley Ford

Champion Broccoli Exhibit

MSW Logan

Champion Cauliflower Exhibit

Steinhardt Kids

Champion Cabbage Exhibit

Jessica Hollonds

Champion, Any Other Vegetable

Kylie Allen

Champion Lettuce Exhibit

B and J Reck

Champion Onion Exhibit, Champion Tomato Exhibit

Steinhardt Kids

Champion Pumpkin Exhibit

Schimke Kids

Champion Potato Exhibit, Champion Vegetable Collection, Champion Citrus Exhibit, Champion, Fruit Other Than Citrus, Champion Dish of Nuts, Champion Collection of Fruit, Champion Fruit Exhibit

Steinhardt Kids


Best udder of Show

 Luckmore Colleetella

Champion Saanen Doe

 Charella Old Girl 562

Reserve Champion Saanen Doe

 Charella Jennel

Champion Anglo Nubian Doe

 Hesser Farm Niesha

Reserve Champion Anglo Nubian Doe

 Jingella Caschana

Champion Toggenburg Doe

 Luckmore Colleetella

Reserve Champion Toggenburg Doe

 Luckmore Colleetella

Junior Champion Doe

 Charella Jennel 2009

Grand Champion Doe – All breeds

 Luckmore Colleetella

Champion Doe Kid

 Lauriebrook Hunika

Reserve Champion Doe Kid

 Hidden Valley Meliska

Champion Buck of Breed

 Charella Double Dan

Champion Buck Kid

 Lauriebrook Oliver

Reserve Champion Buck Kid

 Hidden Valley Lucius

Champion Adult Buck

 Charella Double Dan

Grand Champion Buck - All breeds

Charella Double Dan


Interbreed Champion Ram

 L. Frey (Poll Dorset)

Interbreed Champion Ewe

 G. Melano (Romney)

Interbreed Champion Group

 L. Frey (Poll Dorset)

Champion Romney Ram, Champion Romney Ewe

 G. Melano

Champion Suffolk Ram, Champion Suffolk Ewe

J. Milton

Champion Suffolk Group

 A. Kemp

Champion Poll Dorset Ram/Ewe, Champion Poll Dorset Ewe

L. Frey

Champion Poll Dorset Group

A. Kemp

Champion Texel Ram

Scotts PGC

Champion Texel Ewe

 Warwick SHS

Champion Texel Group

 Scotts PGC

Champion Southdown Ram, Champion Southdown Ewe

 M and N Byrne

Champion Dorper Ram, Champion Dorper Ewe

Woodridge Dorpers

Champion Longwool Ram, Champion Longwool Ewe

 G. Melano

Champion Shortwool Ram, Champion Shortwool Ewe, Best Head of Show

 L. Frey


Supreme Champion Juvenile Dairy Heifer

 MJ and GJ Henry

Supreme Junior Udder and Attachment

 Ward Family

Supreme Champion Junior Heifer

 LP and DA Dunne

Supreme Pen of 3 Cows

Nobbyview Partnership

Supreme Champion Udder and Attachment

WH and CJ Stewart

Supreme Champion Dairy Cow

 WH and CJ Stewart

Most Successful Dairy Exhibitor (Keith Davis Memorial Trophy)

 MJ and GJ Henry

Champion Ayrshire Cow

 Patona Park Sakic Cassarina

Junior Champion Ayrshire Female

 Raleigh Queen Andreah

Juvenile Champion Ayrshire Female

Raleigh HM Mossette A.I

Most Successful Ayrshire Exhibitor

 RL Wheeldon

Champion Guernsey Cow

Tamborine Redback Spider

Junior Champion Guernsey Female

 Fernybank Spiders Arabesque

Juvenile Champion Guernsey Female

 Tamborine Ludwig’s Willie

Most Successful Guernsey Exhibitor

 J and J O’Donohoe

Champion Holstein Cow

 Gilabils Luckystrike Nema

Junior Champion Holstein Female

 Minash Lheros Brox Nita

Juvenile Champion Holstein Female

Minash Toyjolt Nita 2nd

Most Successful Holstein Exhibitor

E, P and N Crank

Champion Illawarra Cow

Chelmadale Tulips April

Junior Champion Illawarra Cow

Tara Tracey

Juvenile Champion Illawarra Female

Tara Panda 6th

Most Successful Illawarra Exhibitor

MJ and GJ Henry

Champion Jersey Cow

Nobbyview Lesters Poppy

Junior Champion Jersey Female

Rising Sun Jeeps Princess

Juvenile Champion Jersey Female

Rockton Velvets Connection

Most Successful Jersey Exhibitor

Ward Family

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