CRACKING FOOD: The humble egg can do many great things you might not know about.
CRACKING FOOD: The humble egg can do many great things you might not know about. onairjiw

5 things you didn't know about eggs

TODAY is World Egg Day, a day to celebrate a humble staple in many Australian fridges.

Whether you like them scrambled, fried or whipped up into an impressive pavlova, eggs have proven themselves to be a versatile and delicious ingredient.

But there might just be more to eggs than meets the eye, so next time you're cracking one open spare a thought for these fun facts.

1. Egg whites are used to make red wine

Vegans need to steer clear of most red wine as egg whites are used in the production process.

When wine is finished fermenting it's cloudy, so egg whites are used to clarify the liquid and rid the wine of particles.

This is why desserts using egg yolk are common in wine growing regions such as France, as there's lots of yolk left over after the whites are used for the wine.

2. Eggs won't crack lengthways

Despite being notorious for cracking easily, eggs won't actually break if pressure is put on them from tip to tip.

A person can even stand on eggs while they're on their ends and they won't break.

It's not recommended to do that with the egg lying flat though, that's the first step to making a mess.

3. Eggs can be poached a day in advance

If a brunch get together is on the cards, it's handy to know the eggs can be prepared long in advance.

Poach them 24 hours before then plunge them into ice water and refrigerate them, they'll still be good to eat the next day.

To reheat, take them out of the ice water and put them in simmering water for 30-45 seconds.

4. Egg shell colour can reveal where it came from

Nutritionally, there is no difference between eggs with white and brown shells.

But the colour difference can give you a picture of how it came into the world.

The colour of an egg shell depends on the type of chicken that laid it, with red hens tending to lay brown eggs while white hens lay white eggs.

5. Eggs won't increase risk of heart disease

One egg may provide two thirds of a person's daily cholesterol intake, but studies have shown people needn't worry about heart disease.

Cholesterol plays an important role in bodily functions, by helping form cell membranes and make hormones.

The liver is able to produce cholesterol, but when eating cholesterol-rich food the liver can adapt to regulate its own production accordingly.

When it comes to heart disease, it's trans fats that need the attention.

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