SUNDAY DRIVE: The weather is perfect for a drive around Warwick today.
SUNDAY DRIVE: The weather is perfect for a drive around Warwick today. Elyse Wurm

4 stunning Sunday drives from Warwick

THE sun is shining over Warwick today after a dreary day yesterday, so it's the perfect time to hop in the car with the family and enjoy the beauty of the region.

Head in any direction from Warwick and there are sights to be seen.

But here are a few favourite routes that offer great views along the way and end up in great locations.

1. Settlers Route

Gaze over river crossings and breath-taking mountains on the Settlers Route.

Starting from Warwick, head north along Albion St and turn right onto Yangan Rd.

Follow the road until you reach Killarney, or take a pit stop in Yangan along the way to take in the historic buildings and green parks.

If there's enough time, extend the drive from Killarney to take in three incredible waterfalls, Dagg's Falls, Brown's Falls and Queen Mary Falls National Park.

Also don't forget to take in the view at Carr's lookout.

Taking the mountain road will enable the crew to drive through sub-tropical rainforest or a four-wheel drive could embark on the 14 River Crossing track.

To head back to Warwick, drive along Warwick-Killarney Rd.

2. Sprint Route

This one is for revheads everywhere, as the route drives you straight to Leyburn, a historic motor sprint town.

It's not unusual to see vintage cars in the town even when the sprints aren't on, but there's something for the whole family with historic buildings including a church built in 1860.

To get there, head west on the Cunningham Hwy towards Goondiwindi and turn off towards Pratten.

The route can continue through Thane and then back through the vast beauty of Leslie Dam.

3. Cedar Route

Bask in the glory of nature by driving through the Goomburra Valley.

Head north from Warwick towards Toowoomba, then turn right when you see the Goomburra sign.

Driving through the Goomburra Valley is a treat in itself, or you can opt to go for a hike along the walking tracks through the Main Range National Park.

The views from the Sylvester Lookout are a must-see if you're heading off on a hike.

Pack a picnic because there are plenty of spots to sit and enjoy a bite to eat surrounded by great scenery.

The route continues through Freestone before you will make it back to Warwick.

4. Sunflower Route

Summer is the best time to take in the sunflowers on this route, but it's a stunning drive at any time of year.

Drive through stunning country by heading down Victoria St and turning right onto Rosehill Rd, then follow the signs to Allora.

There's countryside to behold along the way and Allora is the perfect pit stop with delightful gardens and beautiful heritage buildings.

Head back to Warwick on the Cunningham Hwy.

A map outlining all the routes is available at

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