3 times in 2 months

ENOUGH is enough.

Owner of Mighty Motors Gatton, Trevor Francis, is furious and feels “gutted” after thieves have robbed his business three times in the past two months and feels someone has launched a personal vendetta against him.

“It has happened way too much and has gotten beyond a joke,” Mr Francis said.

“It's getting frustrating and it is getting to the stage where it is personal.

“If it is a personal issue, they should come and see me about it.

“We are now offering a substantial amount of money as a reward for any information leading to their (the thieves) arrest.”

Mr Francis said an estimated dollar value of equipment that had been stolen was $62,000 including six chainsaws, four brushcutters, eight motorbikes along with helmets and other bike gear.

“Anyone with any information at all should call Gatton Police immediately and detectives have been checking the area for fingerprints,” he said.

After the first spate of burglaries, the business got a Doberman and cattle dog to deter the thieves, but they were set loose and beaten when robbed again.

“They have disappeared after the security fence was cut down, but hopefully they will turn up,” Mr Francis said.

“They jimmied the door open and gained entry around the back but the alarm went off and they were gone before police arrived.

“They even went to the extreme of lifting a bike onto a wheelie bin over a six foot fence with barbed wire.”

If anyone has any information that could help lead to the apprehension of these criminals call Gatton Police on 5468 3266 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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