3 fast food misadventures in Toowoomba

WE'VE had our fair share of fast food misadventures in Toowoomba, from the time genitals were drawn onto a customer's box, Red Rooster chicken that was "'too red" for a disgusted customer and Australia's angriest McDonald's customer.

In the latest additions to the saga a woman found a chicken "mega-nugget", another says hygiene wasn't up to scratch and a Good Samaritan gave money to a stranger.

Venice Mauryn said she had problems with a fast food store on the city's south-side.

"I was served by a manager on the drive thru pick up area and he gave them to me with his bare hands, without the proper hygiene paper that is supposed to be wrapped around the cone," she said.

>> Red Rooster chicken 'too red' for disgusted customer

"We asked to have the cones with the paper around them but he rudely interrupted us saying they did not have a box.

"I told him it was supposed to be around it for people not to touch it as the cone is going into our mouth.

"The manager took off and placed the cones on a disgusting, unsanitised bench beside the window where bacteria grow and just gave us couple of napkins.

"It was very rude as he had just took off after giving us the order."

Ms Mauryn said she was particularly upset given it was flu season.

"This is absolutely against health and food safety," she said.

Sharlett Barbeler had an altogether different experience at McDonald's.

She bought six chicken nuggets from a Toowoomba store and was overjoyed by what she saw.

"Words cannot describe the happiness I felt when I opened the box of the nuggets and they were conjoined into a mega nugget.

"Thank you McDonald's," she wrote on the McDonald's page

A representative responded by thanking her for letting them know.

>> Mum steaming over rude surprise drawn on box

Ryan Jervis took it upon himself to make someone else's life better at Super Rooster.

He left his change behind with the cashier for the next person who was buying their dinner.

"All I ask is that you pay it forward," he said.

He took to social media to spread the word about his deed but instead of praising him, some people accused him of boasting.

Others said he was just being kind.

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