Ferris Park, Sunshine Beach.
Ferris Park, Sunshine Beach.

150 attend post-pandemic park party promoted on Facebook

MORE than 150 teenagers met at Sunshine Beach for a post-pandemic park party on Friday night, scattering 'in all directions' when police arrived.

In breach of social distancing rules and group limit restrictions, the Year 11 and 12 students from Sunshine Beach and Coolum high schools congregated for a party that was organised in their first week back at school and promoted on Facebook.

When police turned up, the teenagers scattered.

The group was observed drinking excessive alcohol, carrying alcohol in various forms in back packs before moving to the park adjacent to the Sunshine Beach Surf Club where the park was also left littered with empty bottles and wine bladders, according to a police statement.

A police spokesman said a couple of intoxicated kids were transported to their residences and one was taken to the station "but were not arrested and not charged".

"There were no reports of broken letterboxes or things stolen from cars, nothing like that. They were just drunk and causing a public nuisance," he said.

"These kind of gatherings used to occur every weekend for years."

The spokesman said both high schools had been notified and "will be taking it up with the students".

Police are asking parents and carers to continually scrutinise their children's behaviour and whereabouts when away from home, to try and curb this anti-social behaviour so it does not escalate further.

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