24 October - 22 November

It's really time to make some firm decisions about the sort of people you want in your life from here on in. The calibre of person you spend your life with reflects the energy of your own desires and karmic choices. Fortunately due to the coming full Moon a person you admire, but who may have been less than compromising to your needs, may have a change of heart for the better during this current cycle. You may be tempted to doubt your intuition but this is a mistake as your instincts will serve you well. Take a moment to collect your energies, renew your focus and re-enter the game with new-found strength and decisiveness.


23 November - 22 December

With Mars in your 11th house, you have to deal with a destructive friend with troubles in their life. Don't become the victim in trying to assist them as there are some people who are beyond help. With a favourable aspect of the Moon to planets in the sixth house, you can successfully improve relationships, but you need to be keen and deliberate in the way you approach your partner. Variable sources for financial gain are possible and it's likely that more than one work direction has held your attention at present. You may be driven to take an unusual sidetrack in life but maintain a clear direction and purpose.


23 December - 20 January

Your good judgement is needed in order to resolve differences with a friend, relative, or loved one particularly if there is a financial matter on one or other of your is in debt. Reacquaint yourself with your intuition, instincts, and inner wisdom now, as you might gather some fresh insight into improving your communicating and relating skills. It’s also time to re-evaluate your timetable in look carefully at where you are eroding your most valuable commodity of time. This will stabilize your affairs by giving you greater control over time. You may be downhearted because you don’t have much in common with the people around you.


21 January - 19 February

Try not to overlook an appointment today. You could completely forget some significant details which could make you look bad or worse still cause you to lose money. A surprise visit from someone who you’ve wanted to talk to should brighten your day but could cause problems with other family members who have alternative plans. Discuss the get-together with others first. You could receive mixed signals from the person you love most. Try to get clarification rather than playing the guessing game. You have to perform a juggling act just now between your work and personal commitments. This will be hard, but you can do it.


20 February - 20 March

Your career life is strong now with the Sun on the 10th house. You can make your mark professionally and self-respect is on the rise. You’ll probably find that your personal confidence and optimism (your self-worth) is very strong during this period of the year -- and this should bring with it many benefits and opportunities. Risks pay off so don’t afraid to try something different. Life may become more pleasurable now and you have some, or the beginnings of, creative success. Love affairs, recreation, hobbies and dealings with children offer rewards but niggling problems will also surface so deal with them as and when necessary.


21 March - 20 April

You can't force a work issue at the moment but you can certainly create an energy around you and attract the right sort of person into your life. Work from the inside out. With the Moon and Pluto hammering you in professional terms, you must sidestep any political or manipulative people in the workplace. On the domestic front, getting a valuation on your house or looking at the financial aspects of your property or residence may occupy your mind just now. Research, go to auctions and see what’s happening in this sphere of life to get a greater understanding. Your mind is unpredictable, scattered and therefore unproductive.


21 April - 21 May

Extreme beliefs and philosophies can attract your interest. You have a chance to break down some of your old beliefs which no longer serve you. You may be more interested in tearing things down than in building them up. This can be a useful stage for you, one that clears the way for the building which will come later. Try not to take things too seriously now. Those you socialize with could end up stepping away from you if you get too serious about your version of the truth. Go slowly. You are not receiving your ‘just desserts’ in the love department at present. Although this will soon pass, you feel less than adorable today.


22 May - 21 June

This period may spark competitive and assertive urges between you and your friends. You may find an associate-driven to achieve his aims or hopes at your expense. Lesson today? You should use this time period to sort out various new ways of dealing with ego clashes by not letting envy and lust for power blind your higher aspirations. Be better than that! Stick to the straight and narrow. Your mind is quick but also be impulsive and erratic. Take control over your speech and let others do some talking as well. You're bothered by the fact that you need to straighten out some misunderstanding with someone, but they may not be available.


22 June - 23 July

Something may attract you now but your experience is one of mistrust. You may not be able to put your finger on exactly what it is about someone or some situation that doesn’t feel quite right but your intuition will more than likely be correct now. This is much like the moth being attracted to the flame. Is there a safe distance for the moth when approaching the fire? Probably, but the instinctive nature of this creature causes it to fly directly into the flame. Fortunately, you're a human with higher and more evolved capabilities. Keep a safe distance or risk being burned just like the moth. Also, avoid spicy foods at this time.


24 July - 23 August

You may be praised and receive some recognition for the work that you are doing but will be humbled in the process. Some new success can eventuate from this but not as quickly as you'd like. If your duty has been executed superbly, you may receive an uncommon accolade or award. This should boost your self-confidence. You can certainly be original in your attitude or presentation right now. But even if you feel you are ahead of your time on some concept and want others to share your vision, you may be a little out of step with the consensus today. If your skin isn't a little tougher than normal you'll take others' comments personally.


24 August - 23 September

You feel a heightened level of confidence and also great about some decision you've made. The only problem with this is that the current planetary transits make you overconfident. Don't take things for granted. The moment you stop making effort, thinking you can rest on your laurels, you'll run into difficulties. Keep working hard and watch your success grow. The downside of this pattern is fatigue or difficulty in concentrating or focusing your actions. However, your sensitivity may be at a high level which can allow you to do things that require feeling and subtlety. This can be good for the arts, helping others and healing.


24 September - 23 October

Allow the past to recede rather than holding on to it. Someone may remind you of some past incidence that could ruin your day. Don’t allow this to happen. You want to increase your sense of security but you may be reluctant to do your homework on basic economics. You must overcome laziness in this respect. You may have to handle someone who is not ‘psychologically together’. Don’t get drawn into a battle of wills with someone who is your intellectual inferior. Unexpected and beneficial influences hold the promise of improvements, advancements, and possibly a whole new way of life. You may receive a commendation or recognition. with Dadhich