24 July - 23 August

There appears to be a lot of tension, emotional upheaval, and turbulent events surrounding your home life still remaining as a result of the ongoing transit of the Sun and Mars in your Sun sign. This may account for your desire to be a loner, remain aloof, and keep your private life to yourself. Changes are likely to occur regarding property and finances now however with Mercury transiting your second house of income along with the Moon. Try not to change simply for the sake of change as you may be considering that things are better elsewhere. Adjust to your current circumstances to make the most of what you have.


24 August - 23 September

You�re starting an excellent two or three-week cycle with your ruling planet Mercury now having just entered your Sun sign of Virgo. This trend seldom passes without some kind of change or altering of conditions within the immediate environment OR one�s own personality and way of doing things so this is significant. Someone is likely to leave or enter your sphere of activity. Be selective with whom you share your living quarters with; they can have a positive or negative affect upon your emotions right now. Your imagination can be used to good use by creatively visualising what is you hope to achieve in life.


24 September - 23 October

Your thinking is cloudy, which means your judgment may not be all that it should be. This results from the transit of the Moon and Mercury in your 12th house under the opposition aspect of Neptune. Defer any decisions until later. Giving some tender loving care and compassionate attention to someone in need is high on your agenda just now. Emotional outbursts may be unleashed against those whom you feel are trying either to dominate you or to create changes that are upsetting to your environment. Although these changes may be necessary in the scheme of things, you may find it difficult adjusting to them.


24 October - 22 November

The altering of your personal philosophy in life may result in separation from loved ones, friends and even work associates but you may be finding it hard to let go after being connected with them for so long. As you know, relationships can become habitual and this is the part of the equation you need to deal with. It may be parents moving to a distant city, a child getting married, loss of an older member of the family, or a divorce. Whatever the circumstances, your domestic and emotional feelings will undergo an intense change. Mostly this is about letting go of people who have gone past their use by date


23 November - 22 December

You need to surrender some of your own needs for the good of the group at the moment. You�ll feel crazy wading through a sea of demands but eliminating the unnecessary will be a great help. Your relationships can help you forge new contacts thus increasing your wealth and professional acumen. A new business alliance can be formed at this time. Humility is the key word however where finances are concerned. You may need to analyze where you are gaining the most benefits. Discard activities that are time-consuming and yield very little. You may forget something important today, like an appointment or some cash.


23 December - 20 January

Emotional stability and good judgment can open the door to new opportunities for advancement especially with the Moon and Mercury in your zone of luck right now. Seek positive changes in all directions of life, whether vocational, domestic, or personal. You exude great rapport at this time. Social contacts and the general public bring beneficial results for you. You may become more protective and sensitive to the needs of family members. Criticism from others, no matter how constructive, will not be taken lightly. A major change has taken place within your immediate environment or will soon and it will be welcome.


21 January - 19 February

Moving, selling, redecorating, or enlarging of your present home is likely but this may come to the cost which could require some borrowing as shown by the transit of the Moon and Mercury in your eighth house of banking, loans and finance etc. Conditions prevail in which someone may move in or out, perhaps a roommate, parent, or child and this may in some way offset the financial pressures you�ve been feeling lately. Others may feel smothered by parental influences and decide to leave the nest, seeking a place of their own. Any case, some deep soul-searching is going on under these transits with Neptune and also playing its part.


20 February - 20 March

Relationships take centre stage today with Mercury and the Moon moving through your marital sector. You have a lot of drive and energy today and this will be directed towards your loved ones and patching up any misunderstandings that may be lingering between you. Communication can be strong and positive at the moment. The secret is to not bottle up your feelings until they become overwhelming. Find an appropriate time to share your feelings with your nearest and dearest. You could receive a call from someone with information that intrigues you but don�t let everything you hear is construed as truth. Get a second opinion.


21 March - 20 April

Mercury now transits your sixth house of health in your therefore be thinking about ways to improve your physical well-being. Arriving at decisions and conclusions of personal plans on your own will prove more beneficial than accepting the counsel of others. Trust your body intuition as it is able to tell you things that perhaps even medical practitioners can�t. But you must be attentive to the language that is being communicated so you can get to the bottom of any discomfort you�ve been feeling. On a work note, it may be difficult for you to accept a position of lesser status than you desire, because of your sense of pride.


21 April - 21 May

Your creative ability is great now and this will enable you to handle people and situations that are associated with your financial affairs. Now that Mercury has just entered your fifth house of expression and creativity you can actually find great satisfaction in some hobby or even sporting outlet for this need. There is a greater appreciation of quality an attempt at perfecting what you do in all things. If you can�t purchase the best Right now, you�ll strive for second best but this may not make you exactly happy. Investments, gambling, romance, creative hobbies, and schools may influence personal income during this cycle.


22 May - 21 June

You may find yourself in a position in which there is a greater interest in domestic affairs and this is due to the transit of your ruling planet Mercury in Virgo right now. With the additional transit of the Moon in this same position your emotional about family affairs and may reach out to those family members that you�ve been disconnected from for a while. Diplomacy, correctness in manner, finesse, and charm will be a big plus in aiding your efforts at reconnecting and improving some relationship on the home front. Venus continues to give you the creative edge now in your work so you should use this to further your profession.


22 June - 23 July

Changing conditions surround your financial status during this transit of Mercury into your third house of communications and contractual arrangements. But ultimately this is an excellent omen particularly with the Moon also in this part of the zodiac. You are becoming more ambitious to achieve success in life and may not mind the hard work that is associated with this placement but you must cross all your t�s and dot your I�s to get the best deal. Don�t let people steamroll you because they think you�re a pushover. Anxiety over obligations and a worrying trend of financial responsibilities will be intensified otherwise.

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There appears to be a lot of tension, emotional upheaval, and turbulent events surrounding your home life still remaining as a result of the...

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