22 May - 21 June

You continue to be playful and want to explore what�s on offer in your personal relationships. You may need to break some boundaries. If you�re in a business relationship you may have to decide whether your partner has the same goal as you, otherwise, you could get distracted and start to wonder whether the grass is greener on the other side. Secret enemies are revealed now, and it may come as a shock to you. Keep this information at hand as you may need it later. Don�t act upon it yet. You could be analysing your lover or partner and making judgments that may not be justified. Look at the situation from all angles before casting the first stone.


22 June - 23 July

Friendships are bound to be created under these transits now and you'll be in touch with many new people, some of whom you thought may not be your cup of tea but you'll be pleasantly surprised. A presentation you make, a suggestion or just some helpful advice could be seen as an impossible analogy. You�re changing your patterns of thinking regarding money, and this is a good thing just now. Curtailing extraneous expenditure will help you save money now. If ex-lovers are trying to make a comeback, this could throw you out of kilter. You need to think carefully about re-engaging with people who�ve done the dirty on you.


24 July - 23 August

Concentration will dig you out of a ditch and help you overcome the drama you may experience now. Focus on important matters in your work while the Moon transits your 10th house of profession along with Mercury. In other words, what are your priorities at present? Whatever you focus on will increase. That�s why it�s important to focus on the positive to create more desirable outcomes. Don�t dwell on your losses but focus exclusively on your strengths. A chance meeting with an old friend is likely around this time; however, you may realize that you�re completely different people now. How things change, but such is life.


24 August - 23 September

Bury the hatchet now if there are problems on the home front. It�s time to move on and remove those negative feelings. Hanging on to the residence you live in is part of an emotional hang-up. You need to make a clean break and enjoy some new and exciting exploits in life. Don�t have fear about making a change just now. As far as your business interests and financial investments are concerned, you will only expand if you are prepared to calmly and coolly analyse where you are and what you want to be. Business planning and budgeting are necessary right now. A new Moon in your career sector is coming which is good news.


24 September - 23 October

Love and relationships are playing on your mind and with Venus continuing its transit in your marital sector, you expect a lot. It�s important not to be too idealistic as this could cause disappointments. During this current transit, you�re wondering whether to force the hand in a situation where you�re not clear on what the other person wants. With Venus moving into all with Uranus there will be some sudden twists and turns in your love life. There�s no harm in giving it a little more of a push. If you�re hurt and confused by some relationship, it�s important to remind yourself that time heals all wounds.


24 October - 22 November

There�s some confusion about your workplace issues just now. You need to be creative, imaginative in the way you deal with obstructive individuals. You need to step up your exercise regime. You�re probably feeling sedentary now, and need to move that blood of yours. Get out and about and clear your head out. Don�t rush headlong into a relationship that is not going to fulfill you in the long term. Enjoy it for what it is, but don�t place too much faith in it. Sometimes you need to provoke others to help them graduate to the next stage of life! This may apply to your lover or spouse. A kick in the pants is necessary.


23 November - 22 December

You want to travel, exchange of ideas and generally to get out of the rut you�ve been in. Movement is your key word today so under no circumstances stay indoors. You�ll be confident in speaking to a group or a crowd as Mars and Sun continue their track through your PR sector. You want to fulfill your responsibilities and taking the floor or being in the limelight is a perfect way for you to do this. It's also important to focus on your relationships now. It�s time to clear up misunderstandings or, better still, start a new relationship. This is an excellent omen for satisfaction. A change is as good as a holiday.


23 December - 20 January

If your partner has a personal problem, make sure you have time to listen to their grievances. Today�s theme is unconditional love, which means you may have to put your stuff on hold. You need to empower others as well as yourself today. By helping those around you, they will, in turn, help you. You need to see the bigger picture in your relationships as well as in your professional life. Your insight can be clouded and your perspective distorted today. Put another way, you may be out of touch with your own true feelings and the reactions of others to you. Give extra consideration to the feelings of those around you.


21 January - 19 February

Discussions about work are high on your agenda just now but you may also be over-reactive to the response of others to your suggestions. It�s early days, so don�t take no to mean no yet. Family members disapprove of what you�re doing in your work or your social life. This could create problems for you, but you need to draw a line in the sand and live your life on your own terms. Experiences in sharing resources, property, living quarters, etc. may be prominent in your life during this transit. You are in a transition period in relationships, ending old ties and forming new ones. Sexual relationships are prominent.


20 February - 20 March

This is an excellent time to resolve personal differences with a loved one or friend even if they seem to be aggressive as a result of the difficult Mars aspects shown in your horoscope now. Give openly of yourself and see the benefits that you will derive. But by the same token, make sure these resolutions are done behind closed doors and not in public. You may also want to get an ironclad commitment from the other party that behaviors you are not happy with aren�t repeated. As well, it�s not a good idea to air your dirty laundry in front of others under these transits. Expect some unusual financial opportunity shortly.


21 March - 20 April

Finances are improved due to your noticeable self-confidence. Any sort of interview today will work to your advantage. The roadblocks you are presented with at the moment have an unknown purpose for you. If work is challenging, try to look at the benefits of becoming stronger as a result. Surround yourself with people who�ve experienced similar things to you today. You can gain an all round understanding providing you�re prepared to accept your faults. You may be afraid of pooling your resources and physical energies with someone else due to the fact that you may not gain the recognition you desire.


21 April - 21 May

Today you�ll achieve a lot but not if you�re doing other people�s tasks for them. You have to be a little selfish today. They could hinder you rather than help. There�s an upswing in your romantic desires and the same planetary combination makes you impulsive and quite sexual. It could be a fun day but don't get too heavy about things. Don�t let your highly strung feelings damage a good relationship or negotiation today. If you experience psychological alarms going off, �nip them in the bud�, before dealing with people. You may be obstructed in rebuilding some aspects of your life.

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You continue to be playful and want to explore what�s on offer in your personal relationships. You may need to break some boundaries. If you�re...

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