Fantasy Tipping: Round 10

NRL Trophy
NRL Trophy Getty Images


Brett Happy B Tumney's Specials (34) 298

Black Swan (24) 266

I'm Good (22) 266

Black Hawks (32) 262

Trojans (30) 262

Turboslayers (20) 262

Stokesy Stars (6) 262

Darryl Washington (20) 258

Miki Rulz (16) 256

Kade McGarrigal (18) 254

MACCA (12) 254

Luke Zabel (26) 250

Mixed Up Team (16) 250

We are the Champions (6) 246

Frogs Hollow (38) 242

Rylan Martin (32) 242

Ash Steene (24) 242

The Bobby Dazzlers (46) 238

Hemi Kingi (38) 238

Posties Pick (30) 238

James McKay (24) 238

Todd Bichel (24) 238

Tash's Teams (10) 238

Hells Bells (8) 238

Charlies Angels (40) 234

Fred's Flier's (40) 234

Snakes Savages (36) 234

Lily's Lilypads (26) 234

Jai McGarrigal (16) 234

Ginger Ninjas (12) 234

Lyne Legends (4) 234

Wooly's Team (30) 230

The Scriffles (26) 230

Jahnko's Smash'ems (24) 230

Jai Taylor (24) 230

Rock Apes (20) 230

Hairy Bears (20) 230

Special Kay's Boys (18) 230

Dennien's Destroyers (14) 230

Tru-Blu's (10) 230

Ray Davis (6) 230

Transformers (24) 228

Marty (42) 226

Road Runner (38) 226

JT'S Team (32) 226

Megan S (32) 226

LJS (30) 226

Big Reds (28) 226

Donna Henderson (22) 226

Maryrod Clark (20) 226

Huggie Bears (18) 226

Matt's Men (6) 226

Doggiesman (36) 222

Kados Martin (28) 222

Fridgee's Favourites (26) 222

Di's Demons (20) 222

Darryl Kerrigan (18) 220

Knights 2012 (8) 220

Matt Smith (36) 218

Top Score (24) 218

The White Wolves (24) 218

Adam Allstars (20) 218

Simply the Best (20) 218

Manly Mad (16) 218

Dragon Power (16) 218

Team Coconut (12) 218

Lucky Ladybirds (4) 218

Andrew Plevey (0) 218

Lucky's Thirteen (34) 214

Paulene Crack (24) 214

Glenlyon Cods (22) 214

Benji's Bashers (22) 214

First Timers  (20) 214

Ky's Crackers (10) 214

Hopeful Stars (6) 214

Ninedogs (36) 210

Team Barrongreenback (28) 210

P&K Mowing (24) 210

The Purple Monkey Dishwashers (22) 210

Rulers Rockets (20) 210

Glen Black (20) 210

Chocko and Molly (20) 210

Sueper Squad (14) 210

Bennoss' Best (12) 210

Year of the Rooster (10) 210

Star Trekking Vulcans (8) 210

Greg Lerch (8) 210

Donk's XIII (36) 206

Luke Pomerenke (28) 206

Beach Closed (28) 206

Super Storm (20) 206

Wayne Lyne (20) 206

Malree (18) 206

Erin Walk (4) 206

The Fat Cows (28) 204

Cookie (4) 204

Crazy Tiger (28) 202

Les Steffens (26) 202

Eels Reel (24) 202

Gasman (18) 202

John Haines (16) 202

John (16) 202

Matty K Sea Eagles (14) 202

Boo Masters (10) 202

George Baldacchino (10) 202

On Ya Queenslander (6) 202

Hayden's Stags (38) 198

Hatton Vale Warriors (30) 198

Tangles 69ers (26) 198

Glen's Gobsmackers (24) 198

Rabbitohs (14) 198

Couch (4) 198

Purple Pineapple (0) 198

The Untouchables (20) 196

Trent's Terrors (16) 196

Regoby (32) 194

TAB (32) 194

A Dizzle's (24) 194

Kylie's Keepers (22) 194

Wongas (20) 194

Far Cup (14) 194

CR Bics (12) 194

Dayl Willis (8) 194

Wait and See (26) 190

Danny Tewes (24) 190

Tateleeta Runners (20) 190

Malambo (20) 190

The Missfits (20) 190

Pedals (16) 190

Wonky's Warriors (10) 190

Nev's Superstars (8) 190

Cool Cats (32) 186

Jon Walk (28) 186

Jach Dash (26) 186

Fireballs (24) 186

KT'S Team (20) 186

Judy Tewes (20) 186

Whitton UK (16) 186

Nathan Fisher (16) 186

Bstein (8) 186

Crazy Hazee (12) 184

Whatever (12) 184

Knights Crusade (8) 184

Earley Birds (0) 184

Nimrods (28) 182

The Backwards Upsidedown Giraffes (16) 182

Gattonblackpig (16) 182

Dean Bichel (0) 180

Ian Manz (0) 180

Iron Men (20) 178

Red Rose (16) 178

Easyas (16) 178

Champion Chookies (12) 178

Michele Lyne (10) 178

Daren Henderson (8) 178

Peter Smith (4) 178

Jake's Jokers (0) 178

Dylan and Dad (8) 176

Katie Bearz (4) 176

Battle Stars (16) 174

Zac Toohill (10) 174

LR Bics (32) 170

Potsie's Premiers (20) 170

Micks Maulers (12) 170

Dave's Raiders (16) 168

Sebring (12) 168

Connor's Super Stars (24) 166

Murphy's Marauders (16) 166

Little Jew (8) 166

Wendy Nichol (4) 166

Bronco Baby (2) 166

slee-K-eels (0) 166

Joce's Jubblies (16) 162

Year of the Sharks (8) 162

Damien Rimland (4) 162

Jordan Lyne (4) 162

Digga's Demons (20) 158

Frans Team (20) 158

Lehcibnna (12) 156

Ole Roosterman (16) 154

Rabbit Warren (4) 154

Bebe10's (0) 154

Tim Pickering (4) 150

Hope Soos (8) 146

Mum's Wonders (4) 140

Damo's Bums (4) 138

Nathan Nitros (4) 136

We're Gonna Win Baby (8) 134

Jay's Kick Ass Team (8) 134

Jill Washington (4) 134

Bevin Arndt (4) 132

Terrific Tigers (8) 128

Grantley Haak (22) 126

Linda Lerch (12) 108

The GT's (8) 106

Bradley Lyne (16) 104

If you have a player who has been injured already or you would just like to change a player, here is a complete list of all the players available. Each team is allowed one change during the season.



1. Fullback

Josh Hoffman (Broncos)

Ben Barba (Bulldogs)

Josh Dugan (Raiders)

Nathan Gardner (Sharks)

Billy Slater (Storm)

Brett Stewart (Sea Eagles)

Darius Boyd (Knights)

Matthew Bowen (Cowboys)

Jarryd Hayne (Eels)

Lachlan Coote (Panthers)

Nathan Merritt (Rabbitohs)

Anthony Minichello (Roosters)

Jason Nightingale (Dragons)

William Zillman (Titans)

Kevin Locke (Warriors)

Joel Reddy (Wests Tigers)


2. First Winger

Gerard Beale (Broncos)

Steve Turner (Bulldogs)

Blake Ferguson (Raiders)

Matthew Wright (Sharks)

Matthew Duffie (Storm)

David Williams (Sea Eagles)

James McManus (Knights)

Ashley Graham (Cowboys)

Luke Burt (Eels)

Brad Tighe (Panthers)

Dylan Farrell (Rabbitohs)

Sam Perrett (Roosters)

Brett Morris (Dragons)

Kevin Gordon (Titans)

Bill Tupou (Warriors)

Beau Ryan (Wests Tigers)


3. First Centre

Jack Reed (Broncos)

Tim Lafai (Bulldogs)

Jarrod Croker (Raiders)

Colin Best (Sharks)

Dane Nielsen (Storm)

Jamie Lyon (Sea Eagles)

Junior Sa'u (Knights)

Brent Tate (Cowboys)

Jacob Loko (Eels)

Michael Jennings (Panthers)

Matt King (Rabbitohs)

Justin Carney (Roosters)

Chase Stanley (Dragons)

Beau Champion (Titans)

Jerome Ropati (Warriors)

Blake Ayshford (Wests Tigers)


4. Second Centre

Justin Hodges (Broncos)

Josh Morris (Bulldogs)

Joel Thompson (Raiders)

Stewart Mills (Sharks)

Maurice Blair (Storm)

Steve Matai (Sea Eagles)

Timana Tahu (Knights)

Kane Linnett (Cowboys)

Willie Tonga (Eels)

Michael Gordon (Panthers)

Greg Inglis (Rabbitohs)

Shaun Kenny-Dowall (Roosters)

Matt Cooper (Dragons)

Jamal Idris (Titans)

Krisnan Inu (Warriors)

Chris Lawrence (Wests Tigers)


5. Second Winger

Jharal Yow Yeh (Broncos)

Jonathan Wright (Bulldogs)

Reece Robinson (Raiders)

John Williams (Sharks)

Anthony Quinn (Storm)

Michael Oldfield (Sea Eagles)

Akuila Uate (Knights)

Kalifa Faifai Loa (Cowboys)

Esi Tonga (Eels)

David Simmons (Panthers)

James Roberts (Rabbitohs)

BJ Leilua (Roosters)

Daniel Vidot (Dragons)

David Mead (Titans)

Manu Vatuvei (Warriors)

Lote Tuqiri (Wests Tigers)


6. Five-Eighth

Corey Norman (Broncos)

Kris Keating (Bulldogs)

Terry Campese (Raiders)

Todd Carney (Sharks)

Gareth Widdop (Storm)

Kieran Foran (Sea Eagles)

Kurt Gidley (Knights)

Jonathon Thurston (Cowboys)

Ben Roberts (Eels)

Travis Burns (Panthers)

John Sutton (Rabbitohs)

Braith Anasta (Roosters)

Jamie Soward (Dragons)

Aiden Sezer (Titans)

James Maloney (Warriors)

Benji Marshall (Wests Tigers)


7. Halfback

Peter Wallace (Broncos)

Trent Hodkinson (Bulldogs)

Josh McCrone (Raiders)

Jeff Robson (Sharks)

Cooper Cronk (Storm)

Daly-Cherry Evans (Sea Eagles)

Jarrod Mullen (Knights)

Robert Lui (Cowboys)

Chris Sandow (Eels)

Luke Walsh (Panthers)

Adam Reynolds (Rabbitohs)

Mitchell Pearce (Roosters)

Ben Hornby (Dragons)

Scott Prince (Titans)

Shaun Johnson (Warriors)

Tim Moltzen (Wests Tigers)


8. First Prop

Ben Hannant (Broncos)

Aiden Tolman (Bulldogs)

Brett White (Raiders)

Paul Gallen (Sharks)

Jesse Bromwich (Storm)

Jason King (Sea Eagles)

Kade Snowden (Knights)

Matt Scott (Cowboys)

Tim Mannah (Eels)

Tim Grant (Panthers)

Sam Burgess (Rabbitohs)

Jared Waera-Hargreaves (Roosters)

Dan Hunt (Dragons)

Luke Bailey (Titans)

Sam Rapira (Warriors)

Aaron Woods (Wests Tigers)


9. Hooker

Andrew McCullough (Broncos)

Michael Ennis (Bulldogs)

Shaun Berrigan (Raiders)

Isaac DeGois (Sharks)

Cameron Smith (Storm)

Matt Ballin (Sea Eagles)

Danny Buderus (Knights)

Aaron Payne (Cowboys)

Matt Keating (Eels)

Kevin Kingston (Panthers)

Isaac Luke (Rabbitohs)

Jake Friend (Roosters)

Dean Young (Dragons)

Matt Srama (Titans)

Nathan Friend (Warriors)

Robbie Farah (Wests Tigers)


10. Second Prop

Petero Civoniceva (Broncos)

James Graham (Bulldogs)

David Shillington (Raiders)

Bryce Gibbs (Sharks)

Bryan Norrie (Storm)

Brent Kite (Sea Eagles)

Evarn Tuimavave (Knights)

James Tamou (Cowboys)

Fuifui Moimoi (Eels)

Sam McKendry (Panthers)

Roy Asotasi (Rabbitohs)

Martin Kennedy (Roosters)

Michael Weyman (Dragons)

Luke Douglas (Titans)

Jacob Lillyman (Warriors)

Keith Galloway (Wests Tigers)


11. First Second Rower

Alex Glenn (Broncos)

Frank Pritchard (Bulldogs)

Josh Papalii (Raiders)

Jeremy Smith (Sharks)

Kevin Proctor (Storm)

Anthony Watmough (Sea Eagles)

Neville Costigan (Knights)

Tariq Sims (Cowboys)

Nathan Hindmarsh (Eels)

Nathan Smith (Panthers)

Ben Lowe (Rabbitohs)

Boyd Cordner (Roosters)

Beau Scott (Dragons)

Greg Bird (Titans)

Feleti Mateo (Warriors)

Adam Blair (Wests Tigers)


12. Second Second Rower

Sam Thaiday (Broncos)

Greg Eastwood (Bulldogs)

Bronson Harrison (Raiders)

Anthony Tupou (Sharks)

Sika Manu (Storm)

Tony Williams (Sea Eagles)

Chris Houston (Knights)

Glenn Hall (Cowboys)

Ben Smith (Eels)

Clint Newton (Panthers)

David Taylor (Rabbitohs)

Mitchell Aubusson (Roosters)

Ben Creagh (Dragons)

Nate Myles (Titans)

Simon Mannering (Warriors)

Gareth Ellis (Wests Tigers)


13. Lock

Corey Parker (Broncos)

David Stagg (Bulldogs)

Shaun Fensom (Raiders)

Wade Graham (Sharks)

Ryan Hoffman (Storm)

Glenn Stewart (Sea Eagles)

Zeb Taia (Knights)

Dallas Johnson (Cowboys)

Reni Maitua (Eels)

Luke Lewis (Panthers)

Michael Crocker (Rabbitohs)

Frank-Paul Nuuausala (Roosters)

Matt Prior (Dragons)

Ashley Harrison (Titans)

Michael Luck (Warriors)

Chris Heighington (Wests Tigers)


14 Goal Kicker

Corey Parker (Broncos)

Steve Turner (Bulldogs)

Jarrod Croker (Raiders)

Todd Carney (Sharks)

Cameron Smith (Storm)

Jamie Lyon (Sea Eagles)

Kurt Gidley (Knights)

Jonathon Thurston (Cowboys)

Luke Burt (Eels)

Michael Gordon (Panthers)

Isaac Luke (Rabbitohs)

Braith Anasta (Roosters)

Jamie Soward (Dragons)

Scott Prince (Titans)

James Maloney (Warriors)

Benji Marshall (Wests Tigers)

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