Divorce and super: How to get through a split

FINANCE ADVICE: Some people I know are currently going through the messy asset splitting stage and to be honest, I don’t envy them one bit.

  • Comment by Bounce Financial senior adviser Cara Brett

Put a plug in water costs

ROD Howell has a dream. In it, councils would give every single resident one of the Oxijet products that he is sole Queensland distributor for.



Noel Whittaker

Seriously, who needs life insurance?

IT'S impossible to read a daily newspaper without seeing a grim reminder that accident and illness can strike suddenly, and without respect for age or assets.


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FearlessFred - Slade Point

Yes, that's alright for the wealthy who don't need all their pay - they can afford extra super. Yes, extra life insurance is cheaper when done by increasing standard cover as part of super. With so-called ordinary life insurance, you only need...

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