The new Windows 10 Start Menu

Windows 10 available for free (for some) in July

MICROSOFT has finally given Windows users a date for release 10 and better yet, it will be completely free to download for anyone using Windows 7 and 8.1.

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peter1954 - Maryborough

yes, I have loaded and used the technical version of windows 10, and 20 mins later returned to windows 7, unless you have all the up to date hardware, it is crap, when you think about any system, it starts your computer, it runs your computer and 95% of...


Noel Whittaker

Superannuation is a double-edged blade

SUPERANNUATION remains a superb vehicle for saving tax but the price of growing your money in a low tax environment is loss of access to it.

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FearlessFred - Slade Point

Superannuation, for the wealthy and their ability to make use of massive tax concessions, is also a big winner for the wealthy tax rorters . . . and these are Noel Whittaker's prospective and actual clients!

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